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Anzhela Alekseeva
First name:

Anzhela Alekseeva

Last name: Alekseeva
Age: 27
Location details: Russia, Rostov on Don
Postal address: None
Phone number:
E-mail address:; vinogranastasiya@yand


This is the mail of the scammer
Forgive me, that I did not write to you. I could not write, because I had a big grief... My brother has got to accident when went from work home. Its car ran into the lorry. Now, it to be in resuscitation and at it very much a grave condition. At it all edges are broken, the backbone, and a huge problem with a skull is broken. At it the big tumour from blow. Expensive operation is required. We with friends have found some part of the sum. Operation costs 3,500$. For me now are available only 2,150$. I took the credit in bank, having put in pawn the apartment. But now
I do not know, where I can take other sum??? And my friends also have given all money which they had. I am in desperate position and is already ready to sell the body because other exit I do not see. I very much love the brother. And if he dies, then I do not see sense to live most... Money is necessary already by the end of this week as operation will take place on January, 28th. Therefore, I did not write to you, I searched for this money... I wish to ask for you the help, because you - my unique hope. I cannot sleep at night because at me the dream was gone, I cannot eat, I did not sleep three nights, was near to the brother. I cannot make anything while I will not find all sum. Doctors also say, that they are powerless, they have no expensive preparations to perform operation. Doctors have told, that if to perform operation free chance to survive 1 to 500 but if all the same I
will find the necessary sum 50 on 50. That is chances to survive increase very strongly. I am as if in a dream because I never met with such misfortune!!! I do not wish to lose the person closest to me......... CONTINUES


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