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Age: 29
Location details: Kazan, Russia
Postal address:
Phone number:
E-mail address:


I communicated with the above indvidual and very quickly she wanted to come and visit me. With two days to go , all of a sudden, she did not have enough money for her ticket and requested $400 US from me. I did not send it as this was an obvious scam which I succumbed to before. This is the second time that I have complained about this scammer and nothing has been done to delete here etc.
Please advise outcome this time.

Scam letter:
Hello my lovely XXX!!! How are you today? The darling I just to come back from the airport! The darling I to have problems with purchase the ticket to you. I very much to worry therefore... I very strongly to wish to meet you and now I cannot stay to you. The Problem consists in that that I could not pay an overall cost the ticket to you. I to search for the cheapest ticket to you and back and I all do not have not
enough money... I to reserve the ticket to you for February, 2 in hope of that that you can the help to me money... I understand that it difficult but me not to suffice 400$ completely to pay the ticket to you and back!! I wait your
answer now... Your Maria


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