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Age: 24
Location details: Russia, Yaroslavl
Postal address:
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Asking for money.
Does not give you any information like home address or anything.
Using different spelling on her name.

Example of email:
Greetings my loved Mikael! How your affairs? I want to tell that I have sufferred trouble, and could not inform at once to you about it, I hope you of me can understand when I shall explain you all situation!
I had to go through much for these two weeks, I have gone through those feelings which is capable to go through each person, I have lost touch with the sister, and have been very excited with it, I have decided to call the relatives, they informed me that she has got under Wheels of the automobile which the drunk driver operated, and she appeared in a heavy condition in reanimation, I at once have gone to her to encourage my sister but when I have arrived she was already absolutely sick, and she has died for 3 day of my presence at her city! I have been upset and very much afflicted with loss of my sister, I have helped with the organization of her funeral! And now I have again returned to the city, and at once have read your letter, I was glad that you did not forget me, and I a lot of time thought of you... I want to tell that you are dear to me, and I very much want to have such person near to myself, in you I see the support, and the good father for our children... But about it we shall talk later... I very much wish our fast meeting, I need in your support!
I had today, a campaign in travel agency and specified a question concerning official registration of papers, and to me all these your data have confirmed except for that that for registration of the visa of form ?2, the written contract with agency is required only, and payment of this service payment of documents (the passport and visas,) demands the insurance 239 EU this visa entitles to a presence in the country during 90 days... Consult about it with the referee that he thinks of it!? I think it more favourably and more reliably in fact agency bears the full responsibility for official registration of papers and reliability. I think that date of my start will depend on that as documents, the international airport with which I tickets will be ready shall make out is in Moscow, it is the airport closest to me! I am very grateful to the God that we have found each other! I think that it is that chance which we should take advantage..... I hope that you understand me, and I have not disappointed you! I very much want to read your fast reply! Your lovely Tatyana!


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