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Age: 23
Location details: NORILSK
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PROFILE 105 849 on your site (new profile).
I've known her on your site, and she has written me between october 2008 and mid january 2009. You'll see her last mail (06/03/2009), but I had written her that I was deceived that I had hope to meet her at Helsinki, and that she has lied.
We had to meet each other at Helsinki or St Petersburg. And as she had to answer me on the good town, she stopped to answer my letters.
I've lost 130 and 5 months of my life to write her.
You can write her for me ; "Tatiana, it's Jean-Baptiste, I would like you to be honest and to stop stealing poor single persons like me. I'm sad because of you".
Thank you
HER LAST LETTER (06/03/2009)
Hello, Jean-Baptiste, honey pie! It's me!!!!
I have no idea if you'll have a chance to get this letter, because my old server do not work already and my old mail-box is closed.
But if you are still alive and you'll get this letter - answer me, OK?
Sorry for my forced.
The point is that, I have been in hospital, because I had quite acute pain in my stomach and I was forced to pass through checkups.
To give different tests and so on.
After that I have been in hospital.
Doctor has suspicion for gastritis.
Therefore I had quite busy and crazy times.
OK, Jean-Baptiste, I send you my hot kiss and I look forward to your answer!
Tatiana mailto:id="Norilsktatiana@list.ru_body"></span><br />


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