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Margarita Goncharova
First name:

Margarita Goncharova

Last name: Goncharova
Age: 41
Location details: Novocheboksarsk
Postal address:
Phone number:
E-mail address:


Good afternoon F.!
I cannot believe that i have recieved you Francesco letter and your photo you like me and is nice but I am glad that you have seen my structure (profile) new-dating and have written to me the letter!!!!!
Francesco, thank you very much that you did not ignore my letter among those that you get every day and you found time to answer me. To say the truth, I did not believed in it and deep in my hear i hoped that you will write me and you did it! Thank you very much to you Francesco.
Francesco I want to tell to you that I liked your structure and your photo Francesco and I at once have written you the letter! And I am glad that I was answered also with me want that our friendship proceeded. I at once want to tell that I the simple, serious and decent woman and I want to have only serious relations and I hope that you Francesco as will be glad to have with me acquaintance and correspondence! I as send my photo to you Francesco and I hope that my appearance does not frighten you. I the simple woman also hope that you will be glad to our acquaintance!
As I wrote you my name is Margarita and I am from Russia. In English my name is Margarita, is not it? You can call me as you want - Margarita. My close friends call me Margo.
Concerning my birthday that I was born on on January, 12, 1968 and I on a sign on zodiac Capricorn. My growth 174 cm and weight 64 kg.
I live in Novocheboksarsk city in republic Chuvashia. Francesco you probably first time hear my city? The city is located on the left bank of the Volga River, in the confluence with the Kazanka River. It occupies the territory of 36,7 thousand square kilometers and has the population of 126 thousand people, represented by more than 10 nationalities.
And if you want i will send you some photos of our places worth of seeing in the following letter ok And you, Francesco, please, tell me about you Francesco and about the city.
I would like to know more about you and I hope that you will tell me more in your next letter!<br />
I looking for serious relations and I want to find a love and understanding. It is very important for me. I have met people in Russia but their way of thinking and doing very differ from my position.
I am serious and I sure that I will find my person, my beloved! For this purpose we should know each other well and see what can happen? Do you agree Francesco?
I never communicate with help of Internet before, but I think that all will be fine! It is rather difficult but I try with all my forces. I know English and write my self and I can speak English.
My school teacher helped me to know it well! So I hope that you can read my letters well. I till now learn the English language as to me it interestingly and I hope that clearly I tried to write all with the help of the dictionary without mistakes! I have not noticed as I have written the long letter and I hope to finish my letter. I yet wrote all about myself but still time will find out from us more and in the following letter I shall write about my work ok?
I must tell you that I have not got a computer I am writing you from Club, which support Internet and I will try to write you often if just have an opportunity!!
I believe that it will not disturb our communication! I want to communicate with you very much!! I think that it is wonderful when two people so far away can tell many things to each other!!!
I will tell more about me in my next letter and I wait yours with great impatience!!!!
Please, tell me about you, I would like to know it very much! And maybe you will send me your new photo! It would be great!
On it I have written for first letters on enough and with impatience I shall look forward to hearing also your letter Francesco!

Margarita.NB: And a true cheat of money they have departed me 1300 European careful government a person of this and a true fraud of those that know come to steal, is of they are in contact for 5 months they govern calms of his of the and succeeded a money of mine of to steal me!!! Dewoll...!!!!


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