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Irina Burdova
First name:

Irina Burdova

Last name: Burdova
Age: 29
Location details: yoshkar-ola russia
Postal address: 9, Kirova Street, Yoshkar-ola, russia. 424000
Phone number: +79026705825
E-mail address:


she will send copies, a few weks ago she stated that her daughter was taken to hospital with very bad breathing difficulties, so again i sent some money because she needed to buy medicine on leaving hospital, then she required $180 dollars because she had no heating at her apartment and with her daughter so ill i like a fool sent this money for her gas which she had to pay because it had been cut off 2 months previously, it was the daughter that i felt for being only 5 years of age. I can support all the above information with emails and western union receipts. I have now been informed by her that she isnt and has never had any intention of coming to the uk. She then removed her profile. I have now seen that she has relisted and is on the site again using the name irinochka id number 108004. I am also now aware from anti scam sites such as black pages that she was a known scammer from January this year, which was about the time that i started speaking with her. Please take action forthwith as she is using the child of whom i have pictures as a tool to get money from people such as myself. I can back up all stated with emails, photos and receipts.


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