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Last name: Ludmila
Age: 30
Location details: Ceboksary, Russia
Postal address:
Phone number:
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"I to have for you just fine news! I to receive yesterday on work the premium in money, and to borrow some part of means from the heads, and as a result I to have approximately 750 dollars! And now to not suffice me only 950 dollars of what to stay to you. I very much wish to meet you, and it every day all becomes more."
After many contacts and research with The U.S. Immigration Service. It will require a B-2 Visa, an interview with The U.S. consulate, medical examination, health insurance, police back round check, proof of financial loss for failure to return and a round trip ticket. If I were foolish enough to send the $950.00 she would still be about $500.00 Short of the average $2200.00 needed to arrive.


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