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Last name: Koroleva
Age: 30
Location details: Kazan Russia
Postal address:
Phone number:
E-mail address: Innochka777


Copy of last letter and additional address of "Unfortunately at me for you bad news. I should arrive to you yesterday. But I could not, as me have detained at the airport. My dear, I said to you, that I wish to present a rare thing, to make to you a surprise. In my luggage I carried an icon. It is my family relic. This gift I wished to honour for you in our acquaintance and our first meeting. Unfortunately, at customs passage when checked luggage it is an icon has raised at protection of the airport of the doubts. Me have detained and now I am under examination. It has appeared, that this icon is a curiosity, public property. Me have not planted aboard the plane. Now I am am waited by public works, the penalty in size 1170$, and most terrible-this prison. It is the big sum of money and me not to master penalty payment. All close and native have responded a difficult minute. My aunt is amazed by such news. But to my regret, now she is without money and cannot help anything. Now at me the sum of money in size 970$ has gathered. But I do not have no other part of money. I am very upset, offended. To me never was so it is strongly insulting on destiny. My friends try to help me in all and to support a difficult minute. You should know, that to me happens and why we cannot meet. Patrick, I never and about what you did not ask, but now at me difficult position. My dear, you can help me!? I did not assume, that all will happen thus. But difficult position has forced me to neglect my principles. Now you know, that happens to me and in what difficult situation I have now appeared. Patrick, I hope, that you will respond to this trouble and can answer the letter." This person provided no flight number, time or date of arrival or has no information of my residence other than Chicago.


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