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Last name: Ekaterina
Age: 30
Location details: Tsivilsk
Postal address: Bolshoaya 23
Phone number:
E-mail address:


this is only some more information about the "lady", because she sent to me her postal address.
Here some lines of her last letter:
Good afternoon my love xxx!
My love xxx I is glad from you to receive your letter! My dear concerning my details I write that to you! my growth is 169 centimetres,
weight is 67 kg. my birthday on January, 7th 1970, I live in city Tsivilsk, and my home address street Bolshoaya 23.
XXX I in the previous letter promised to you to make a surprise,
And so I have made to you my photo with the poster and with an inscription "I LOVE YOU FRANZ" and I hope that my photo to like you ?


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