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Natali / Natasha
First name:

Natali / Natasha

Last name:
Age: 26
Location details: Belovodsk, Ukraine
Postal address:
Phone number:
E-mail address:




Hello dear Frederick!

Thank you for your letter.:)) So let's start our [conversation]:)) As you know, my name's Natasha. Exactly it sounds like Natali, but my
mom call me Natasha, my dad - Nata, and you can call me as you like.:)

I'm living with my parents in small town Belovodsk.
I with glad start to write you,if you
not against:( Maybe we will find much similar interests,who can to know?
I like to enjoy of many things,for example: Yoga lessons,reading books,cooking etc Do you like something of this? Now I start to learn
English,but yet use help of translator.
Now, I'm working in a shop assistant. It's good work for me, and
I like it, but I have not in my life the most important, for my opinion, thing..
It's love. Yes, I'm missing this feeling - love and be loved.
I hope, you understand, what I mean - they're drink too much and they are interested in anything, except themselves. I can't even talk with someone about books what I read, or movies, what I watch.. I wished be
with a man, who have the common interests with me. And who would be interesting for me. Sure, I have a friends, but all from them are
female, and some of them are married already. In some way I envy them It's my main dream now - find my beloved man, my ONLY man, who will be
with me, who will understand me, and with whom I could talk about everything.. I know, he have a kind heart and the nice smile, and it's
something special in his eyes..:)) He would care about our family, as and I would love to do for him everything, I'll make him happy, I knew<
it!:)) I wished share with him all my life, and just be happy together, is this impossible? Hope, it's not so.:) What do you think about that,my dear friend?
Well, I'm just trying explain why I'm here and what for I'm searching.
I know, than I'm able to love with all my heart.. I just have to find him.:)) I heard about happy cases with foreign marriages, so I think,
this is not bad chance for me, and for someone, who's feeling lonely as I do.
And I like dreaming, and share of my dreams with people, whom I love. If you have any question - I will answer with a pleasure, just ask.:)
Your friend
Natasha Natali id # 78356 Myfreepassion : TAGGED : Nata N , myatlantida same
1st letter...

Hello,dear Fred(can i call you?)
thank you very very much for your reply,I was happy to find it i my box:)you not set me your photo,it little upset me
But for me very interesting to know more about your work. Is this selling clothes,stock clothes?
In my town we have a little shop with very high quality stock clothes,
i like to shopping here:)
I think before we decide to be closer,we must to know each other more, what do you think about?
I like to know everything new,can you teach me to?
And one question to you,as you know(or not?) very soon,at 14th,February will Valentine's Day.this date to celebrate people.who love and beloved
What you will to do? what's your planes?
How i can to make you happy?
I feel happy,what you promised me your protection,your love and your care!
i like this,ad need to say you,if it true,you'll never be disappointment! And I must to say,what you are so smart man,I like it so much!
I so excitative to me!
Please,tell me more about you,your life it so interesting! I'll happy to know more,really!
2nd letter...
hello Fred(if you let me call you so) ( I told her I am in trading ))
Dear friend,your job is not worst,you're need not to clean WC ore cutting dead bodies!
And this is life,ok,will finish about it
You're very kind,but i need to know about you,
Do you like a read,music of your prefer,and many other things,what good friends must to know about each other
Did you visit Russia before?
If not I can be your personal guide,when you will like to come here:)
You are so smart,you know a lot,i feel what need to learning all my life,for be tour friend
And hope,if you'll teach me,everything will better
I promise to be good student:)
And tell me how was your week end?
How you spent it?
I know what you back home very tired from work,
and let me do inspire you to high successes?
I'll be your fairy,for you feel powerful and energy!
And when you will see through your window on Paris,remember me,OK?
Well, I think, that I have to finish this letter and go working,Fred.Its a pity that I don't have as much time for you as I wish.
I don't want you to get bore... :)
3rd letter..
I like when you write me so nice letters!
Dear friend(not only:))
I afraid what you not want to go to Ukraine,
So what?
Life continue and I living and keep smile,
specialy,when you bring me good mood with you mail!
And show me you photo,please!I'm dream you are very handsome,and special hide your face from me!:
I think you want surprise me, but i like to see you
And maybe you discover for me at Valentine's Day?
It will a good gift for me:)
Well,I tell you one funny story and hope you smile up,
when will read it:)At age 4 success is not peeing in your pants.At age 12 success is having friends.
At age 16 success is having a drivers license.
At age 20 success is having sex.
At age 35 success is having money.
At age 50 success is having money. (this is your age?):)
At age 60 success is having sex.
At age 70 success is having a drivers license.
At age 75 success is having friends.
At age 80 success is not peeing in your pants.
Let me guess your age?<br />
<br />
so,I saw what you try make me scary,whan said what you're crazy inlove!:)
OK,will see my dear,will see:)
And waiting your reply

4th letter...........

Hello Federick!
And you too with Valentine's Day!
And you can think what you want too,cause you not beleive me, it is your bussines,not my!
Did I ask the money from you?
OK,I never said you what you must help me,and you make me upset with this your words!
what does it mean? you may think and write what you want,and I needn't to prove you, what I'm not guilty.
It is only your oppinion,not my.
I'm so sorry if you have bad story about you was scammed of somebody,it is not my deal
sorry,what you think bad about people,maybe it's your life and expirience.
So,if you wantn't to continue,it is ok,let's finish

5th letter.
Now , Analyse this.. This is a man I am me
Her name again, Natali, Natasha, MyfreePassion id # 78356 , Now on TAGGED, NATA N..
I want you to notice the way it was written :)


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