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Elena Baranova
First name:

Elena Baranova

Last name: Baranova
Age: 25
Location details: Zhukovka/Bryansk, Russia
Postal address: Zhukovka/Bryansk, Russia
Phone number:
E-mail address:


She always wrote to me very short letters. The last letter I transfered to you. She is such a typical scammer, more typical is nearly not possible.
a) she wrote only short letters
b) she did not answer my letters, only writing very short
c) she said that she has no mobile phone and no domazhnyj telefon
d) she told me that she can speak only from post office. She called me one time for about 2 or 3 minutes. Then she said "darling" to me in phone conversation.
e) I asked her about visa. I have the experience that for Russian girls it is not easy to get it (even with invitation). She did not tell anything about visa.

She thinks all men are very stupid. Such girls are so terrible. It would not be only loose of 400 EUR. If men make such experiences more and more first they will discuss it on other pages in the net (especially Americans like to do it). For you itz means a bad recommendation. Of course it happens also on other sites, but you should be better. I am experienced now and I know such girls, but for me it is always waste of time.


Today I was in agency of travel.
I booking tickits to you.
But it is was very expensive for me.
Tickets cost 1129 USD. But I have just 800 USD.
Darling, if you can, send me 400 USD.
I am really want to see you.
But you must understand me, I am not so rich.
I am sure, we shall have good time together.
I am send to you copy of my passport, do not worry about money.
I am real and simple, kind girl.
I will be wait your letter darling.
Gentle kiss, your Elena


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