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LEYSAN Anisimova
First name:

LEYSAN Anisimova

Last name: Anisimova
Age: 39
Location details: Russia, Yadrin
Postal address: Yadrin, street Gogolya prospectus 14.
Phone number:
E-mail address:
ICQ: http://new-dating.c


Report #1

Hello my love xxx!My love xxx I is glad from you to receive your letter! xxx I as to you called today from a pay phone Also has left the message in your phone! I as will call to you since morning on your time and wait please My phone call well as I wish to talk about my arrival to you! My love Adam you have written to me when I will arrive to you. And so my love Adam I can already arrive to you on To the next week on July, 24th, and me it is necessary to buy the ticket in advance as many people fly abroad! My love Adam you have written to me in the letter that you in the beginning of August of 2 weeks will go on affairs, but I canTo you to arrive on July, 24th and it is necessary to buy the plane ticket already! But the problem is that I have filled the contract with Visa Agency on a full package deal till July, 25th. It includesregistration of Visa, passport, Insurances and Air tickets. I have already paid the Visa, the passport andInsurance, now I need to to buy Air tickets. I should pay it here because I have already signed the contract and I can not break it. It will be infringement of the law and the contract. I should pay 830$ here and as tourist agency bears the responsibility for all my documents and if you will sendme the ticket of the plane that it there will be an infringement of the contract and the law. And consequently Ishould pay itself money for the ticket of the plane! You know that I have not this some of money and I hope only on you. I am sure you will not leave me in thisdifficult situation. I wait for your help. The most difficult part is already done, I mean contract. The quickerI do all documentsthe quicker we see each other. I think so much of it and I cant believe that this situation will spoil everything.Adam for the proof that I am really fair and serious I to you I send a copy of my contract from travelagency and a copy of my Russian passport that you saw that I am real and fair with you xxx and pleasebe as it is serious to my arrival To you it is good? I have received the letter from my main manager Krotova Svetlana Olegovna and I send a copy to you letters. And as my love Adam you can find out aboutmy arrival in visa agency from my manager Krotova Svetlana Olegovna and I send you e-mail of visa agency: where you can preciselyfind out my love xxx about my arrival to you in USA. Travel agency and so I write to you: AGENCY PLANETA, The country Russia, The city of YadrinThe address of street Gogolya prospectus 14.Concerning phone in travel agency not who does not talk in English, and it will be betterIf you write them the letter on e-mail the address: ( and the manager of travel agency toyou Will write the letter through the translator! Dear Ms. Anisimova Leysan, I Krotova Svetlana Olegovna present here in the city Yadrin (Russia),Visa Agency. I am the main manager of this firm and I am engaged allquestions of official registration of papers for visiting otherCountries. I have received your inquiry. I am attentively studied allnecessary data and on your inquiry about concluded the contract onregistration of a full package deal. This contract obliges to pay herein the city of Yadrin completely all sum. It includes the Visa, thePassport, Air tickets, Insurance. Citizen Anisimova Leysan,Has paid for the visa, the passport for travel abroad, insurance and it is necessary to pay only For the ticket of the plane of 830$!. It should be to have here in the city of Yadrin (Russia) necessarily till on July, 25.As tickets need to be bought in advance! In a case if it will not be to have during time we shall impose thepenalty and an interdiction to travel long time. Therefore it shouldbe to have soon. to have here cash in short term. Yours sincerely, Krotova Svetlana Olegovna. My love Adam I hope for you that you will help me it is fast!As at me all documents in the order and me it are necessary the plane ticket for 830$, as Many people fly abroad and it is necessary to buy in advance the plane ticket that remains The ticket of the plane also I hope that you my love soon will help me!My love Adam I as to you will call today from a pay phone and Wait please for my phone call well? Adam you mine Ideal and dream of all my life and soon we will together and please concernTo my arrival it is seriously good? And I hope that soon you will help me! Yours love Leysan!!!

Hello my love xxx!My love xxx I it is glad from you to receive your letter also is glad to speak yesterday by phone and to hear your voicexxx, We will soon talk to face to face!! xxx I as will call to you today from a pay phone and Wait please for myphone call well?xxx I did not know as you can help me with a remittance I went to bank this morning and has found out that there areservices of a remittance in near to mine The city is services of a remittance through the Western Union and it The most reliable remittance. I write to you xxx the information! As I write a site where you canlearn all: And so for that to help my love xxx to you it is necessary to know my name, a surnameand the country.And I write to you I write the information.Name: LEYSANSurname: ANISIMOVAThe country: RUSSIAAnd on it of the information you my love Adam scan send a remittance through the Western Union. After sending aremittance to you at office the Western Union will give 10 (ten) figures of control number that I could receive yourremittance. I as need in your full of the information your name a surname with what cities you send a remittance well thatI could receive your remittance. And please Adam as do not forget to write from what city you has sent a remittance well? My love xxx to me as today in bank have given the information of a site of services of a remittance through The western Union in your city San Diego, whence you can send a remittance that I could buy the plane ticket, and I toyou My love xxx I write addresses of offices the Western Union where you need to go and send aremittance: 1) MAILBOX COUNTRY7522 MESA COLLEGE DRSan Diego, CA 92111 2) CHECK INTO CASH #091755163 CLAIREMONT MESA BLVDSan Diego, CA 92117 3) CIGARETTES DEPOT3298 GREYLING DR STE CSan Diego, CA 92123-2230 I hope that my information will help you and with impatience I shall wait for your help and our meeting soon!xxx do not lose the information well as I all the learnt the information and copy on the leaf to not lose well? My love xxx it is fast I shall arrive to you and we shall be the happiest pair and allwill envy and wish us of good luck in our life. And I am glad that soon we will together! With impatience I shall look forward to hearing also good news!Your love Leysan.

Hello, my love xxx!Dear xxx I am glad that you have written me the letter, you are an angel for me, and angel who gives always only good news. And that I am going to awake and see you in reality with my own eyes! I hope that oneday everything will be just like this.My love xxx thanks as for a compliment of my voice I as is glad with you yesterday to speak by phone And to hear your voice soon we will talk face to face and we will be together the happiest pair! My love xxx now about the most important about my arrival to you! As for full the information for arrival to you now Iknow thanks where to you to arrive to the San Diego International Airport! Now I know where to you to arrive! My love xxx now about the most important, it about my arrival to you xxx, today when I was in the travel agency whereat me works familiar woman I was so happy, because the more I talked to the travel agent the better I understood that to come to you is very easy.I told to my travel agent why I want to go to your USA and she suggested my preparing a tourist visa. It is availablefor 90 days and I think it is enough for us to understant if we suit each other, is not it? She explained to me that if itwill be necessary we will be able to extend it or I will return to Moscow and I change my visa.My love Adam it is necessary for that to arrive to you to USA to me passport, visa, medical insurance, theticket of the plane and some other papers. I have paid for the visa (120$), the passport for travel abroad (250$), an insurance policy (90$), but at me have not sufficed moneyto the ticket of the plane in it costs (830$) xxx, I want you understand me good - I do not havethis sum of money for that to pay for the ticket of the plane 830$ And I hope that for the sake of our meeting and our love and creation of the future family you will help me to arrive to you to the USA? I have paid (460$) for my documents and now I need in money for the ticket of the plane (830$) My love, I wish to ask you to help me with 830$,What do you think about it? Please, write me, because I have alreadymade a contract with the travel agency and my papers will be prepared very soon a minimum for 9-10 days.My dear xxx I any more have no money and I hope that you of me will not throw in a difficult situation and will seriously consider my arrival to you ok?I am a little bit nervous because of this situation, but I hope I will understand me.With impatience I shall look forward to hearing? i love you, xxx! Your love Leysan!<br />
<br />
Hello my most are loved the man on a planet Adam!My love xxx I is glad from you to receive the letter! xxx I want us to be together as a family, friends and lovers. I would just love to taken care of and taking care of you too. I want both of us to take care of each other. I need you, I desire you and I will love you even more than I do now. xxx I as am glad that you liked my photo with the poster I tried that it was pleasant to youxxx! Sweetheart, I do not ever wish to offend you in any way. I can tell when I'm not wanted or needed. It does not feel good to have those feelings. I would just love to be kissing you, holding you and receiving the same in return. That's what families do also. Honey, beauty is only skin deep, but it's what's inside of you that really matters. Someone could be handsome or beautiful, but be ugly inside. Sweetheart, your not only beautiful outside, your also beautiful inside too. That's why I'm so interested in you and your way of life. That's why I say to you that I love you my Darling xxx.Sweetheart, I do not know if I could ever make your feelings go from you about them, but I'll die trying to never let you feel that way about me. My Darling, I do not write to make you just feel good, I write from my heart to let you experience my love for you and the love that continues to grow each and every day since I've known you. That's why I've already wrote to you that I'll hold you in my heart until I can hold you in my arms. I am thinking of it day and night. My love Adam tomorrow I am going to Visa Agency to learn what documents I need to arrive to you. I shall consult my girlfriend who works there. She promised to help me to do all documents. As soon I have any information I will write you xxx ok.But me as from you my love xxx is required your information precisely to know where to you to arrive USA. Also write to me please your the nearest airport from your city and I shall go in travel agency to find out about my arrival to you ok? xxx I as have your phone number and today I to you will call from a pay phone and wait please for my phone call well? xxx, you cant imagine how much I love you! This feeling becomes stronger and stronger every day. And I can do nothing, you absolutely controle me. May be I am too naive, but I believe everything you say! It is so easy and safe with you. That I want to spend all my life with you, to be in your arms day and night! I am sure you are so tender, a person like you cant be rude or ill-mannered. Of course I dont know all your character. But I am ready to accept some your bad traits beacause in general you are my dream, my ideal!I as shall wait from you my love of xxx answer and your information of the airport? Your love Leysan.

Good afternoon my love xxx!My love xxx I is glad that you have written to me the letter! I am the happiest woman! We are created for each other and I understood it just from your first letters. xxx thanks as for a considerable quantity of your beautiful photos! My love Adam I last night has made my photo with the poster about expression of my feelings to you with an inscription "I LOVE YOU ADAM" and I hope that my photo to like you my love Adam! As I wish to tell to you Adam that it is a photo I have made from my heart and soul and that belonged only to you my love xxx!You xxx are constantly on my mind. It is so difficult to live without you Adam I feel that I become better with you, you changes me in a positive way. You and your love are the main things for me in this life. I would never feel so deep affection for a person who really loves me and our love is mutual. Noone can realise my feelings beside you. I try not to tell about it it because it is very seriously. I tell it only you, because you are the closest person for me now and absolutely trust you xxx. xxx, I love you more and more every day. This feeling helps me to live, to work. And I wonder what will happen to me when we will be together? I will do everything for you. It sounds funny but I want to take care of you: to cook a breakfast for you before you go to work, to make our home cosy and beautiful! Dear, dont you think that we have being communicated for a longtime and we have knew each other quite well. May be it is time for us to meet and to continuance our communication. It is so difficult to live far from you. If we were together everything would be easier both for you and me. If you dont mind I can arrive to xxxx. Write me what do you think about it. As for me I think we are already ready for it, are not we? I today talked to the manager of cafe from work and have explained my situation that I am going to go to you in USA have asked that to me gave holiday for 3 months. And as the manager has suggested me that can even release and release from work. And I have thought that I can as to work in your country at restaurant and in cafe, I already work as the cook of it is a lot of years and for me good experience and I hope that as I can create our home life in your country and I hope that you xxxx will be glad me to meet? Especially I lonely and at me was not present parents and I can visit you my love ! I can tell you about my feelings in every letter but it is a feeling and it is impossible to explain it, It is necessary to prove it and I will do it when we will be together. I will prove it by my attitude to you, by my acts when we shall be together ok?With impatience I shall wait for your answer my love Adam? Your love Leysan!

Report #2

I will enclose all correspondance between me and her and money tranferance to her last 2 days it will be more than One Thousand US.Dollars
still asking me to send her 700 US.Dollars to come to Alexandria city at Egypt.


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