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Last name: Brown
Age: 30
Location details: UK but apparently Akim Oda, Ghana
Postal address:
Phone number: 00233242507019
E-mail address:


I met this person through Club10. Principally Russian woamen. I contacted her as I thought she was in Ghana. Chatted and I rang her for 3 months. As she did not have meesenger (so I could not see her) I asked her for a photo with my name on. She did this. Very beleivable as she told me she would send Half the plane fare to me if I wanted to visit her. I sent her 300GBP. for flight after asking her for a complete list of expenses. 4 days before she was due to leave she rings me to say she needs 1000GBP to leave with Ghanaian aauthorities to leave Ghana and 1000GBP to show the authorities to show she has money to live on. I say no way...she gets very nasty...saying 'do you think I could come to the UK on 300GBP?'. Well yes...she told me.
I contacted the British Consulate in Ghana - a very common story. I am very cautious, she got through my logic.
She sent me some explicitit photos when I refused to send more money and spoke of sex.
I have not sent the really explicit ones. I did not want them.
Some of us guys are genuine and are looking for a genuine woman.


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