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anastasiya kuznetsova
First name:

anastasiya kuznetsova

Last name: kuznetsova
Age: 24
Location details: kazan,joshkar ola
Postal address:
Phone number: +79613790561
E-mail address:;


My dear today I was in travel agency and have begun official registration of papers for a trip to Germany.
Today I have paid insurance and a medical card. As this week it is necessary for me to pay for registration of the passport for travel abroad of the visa and air tickets.
430 euros, for registration of other part of my travel to you are necessary for me. My dear I do not know where to me to take such money.
We have lost the moment when I could arrive to you with my girlfriend.
Now I have addressed in travel agency and they have told to me that travel will cost 630 euros...200 I have already paid.They have told to me that there is a flight aboard the plane from Moscow on Tuesday on August, 11th and it is necessary for me to pay 430 euros till the end of this week or they the contract with me is terminated.
Now I can hope only for your help my prince. Please do not leave me now.
I promise that I will arrive to you....I do not deceive you. I do not wish to deceive you. I wish to love you.
xxx please, send me tomorrow or the day after tomorrow 430 euros that I could pay my travel and arrive to you without problems on August, 11th.
Please, do not think that I try to take your money... Do not think, that I deceive you.
Simply believe to me, and wait till August, 11th when you can meet me at the Airport.
As soon as I will receive money I at once I will go to travel agency and I will pay other part of travel and I will inform you number of flight and a plane arrival time.I understand, that you were deceived by 2 times...But I the real girl. I wish to be the good wife for you in Germany.
Now emotions overflow me...Because I feel that you the man for me...I wish to be only with you and only yours!
As I tried to call to you yesterday but apparently you have given me wrong number.
Please my prince give me number and check up errors.
I will wait from you for a fast reply.
Yours Nastya

This morning arrived to agency and learnt cost
of my trip to you. To me have told visa cost 100 euros, ticket cost Moscow-Munich 420 euros will cost. It will be necessary for me to arrive from Kazan to Moscow and will lodge there in hotel, it
cost about 100 euros. I asked the ticket in both parties. In general think we can solve this problem. On it I finish the letter and I will
wait from you for the answer. Your Love Anastasia.


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