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Last name: unknown
Age: 26
Location details: Chisinau Moldova
Postal address: did not give any
Phone number: unknown
E-mail address:
ICQ: unknown
Webpage: unknown


I was fisrt contacted by this women Dominca profiles she is under 117356- 117274-117157 with the normal first letter of information about her self in a very long letter that rambled on for ever about all kinds of subjects anyone could not hardle tell what she was talking about .
Then as the next letter came to me she stated she could not bare to loose me, that was her first misteak she made .
Next letter she claimed not have any family because she was raised in a orphanage, but in another letter she claimed to be a good cook because her mother was a good teacher to her with cooking skills when she was young .
Then I asked her to prove to me she lives in Chisinau Moldova by naming the district she lives in .
She became angry at me for asking that question and also told me she would not provied me with Photo's of common locations with her in them around Chisinau Moldova to prove she lives in Chisinau Moldova .
The name of the district in Chisimau Moldova she did say she lives in does not exsist at all and I also checked with my two Moldovan business partners the name of district she claims to live in so I know there is no such district !


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