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Iryna Milekhina
First name:

Iryna Milekhina

Last name:
Age: 25
Location details: Ukrain, Mariupol
Postal address:
Phone number: +380979138004
E-mail address:


Report #1
I work for Swiss Embassy in Moscow! She has an announcement with RBrides and I have written up them a few times and back, in the end, I have invited them to me them to myself to Moscow for a really meeting and have paid to her about western union bank 500 USD for a Fligth tiket of Donetsk to Moscow and Back meeting place 09.06.2007 airport Moscow DME. Unfortunately, has never come you there!!!!!!I thry to Call by Phone but no answer anymore!!!


Report #2.

She said me that she liked me and waned to meet me in Ukrain or preferably in Turkey. Because she had not enoughf money for the flight ticket, asked me for sending to her an electronic ticket. I did it as she wanted. After I bought the ticket for her she started for asking me money to send to her for another reasons. Below You can see a dialogue between us on a skype session.
[31.10.2009 14:14:28] Iryna: thank you....<br />
[31.10.2009 14:17:13] Iryna: i have to ask you about one thing... i have to pay visa in air port it cost 30$. I fly from Mariupol to Donetsk ( between Mariupol and Donetsk - 110 km , you can look this is information in google. I need go from Mariupol yo Donetsk airport by taxi. It will be cost 100 $) I hope it will be not problem for you to send me 130 $ ?
[31.10.2009 14:18:30] Iryna: Because it is difficult for me to cover my cost about trip... i pay my university....
[31.10.2009 14:19:12] -----me------: You did not tell me like this before<
[31.10.2009 14:19:26] -----me------: you should cover them


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