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Last name: unknown
Age: 28
Location details: Ukraine, Kremenneys
Postal address: did not give any
Phone number:
E-mail address:


This is another women is an example of New Date letting translation scamers post profiles here .<br />
This women contacted me even with my profile clearly states NO Translastions scamer allowed to write to me
But in her first letter to me she write she is working with a translations agency .
When I laided down the rules to write to me that she must provide full name of translations agency she works for with the acgency's address along with her full name and address in my first letter to this women I received a swift nasty reply back !
So men don't bother with this scamer who is connected to a translations agency scam !
Check out her Photo's she sent me of how she looks .
These are all the common professionaly done Photo's all scam marriage and translations agency's use getting men hooked into sending them money for their scams .


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