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Last name: Shukurova (Shukuirova)
Age: 28
Location details: Russia,Samara
Postal address: unknown
Phone number: unknown
E-mail address:;; ecua


Report #1

Originally contacted me and asked that I write her on her e-mail address. A few days after I responded, she sent me a rather impersonal e-mail stating that someone from the US had sent her money via Western Union for her Visa and then changed his mind. She stated that she needed a further 600 to continue to visit me, since I was the only other who had written to her. The actual text follows:
Hello !!
I am glad to see your letter! But now to me it is very bad. I in a critical condition. Recently, I have got acquainted with the person about yours the countries and it was very gentle and tender with me in
the letters. It has fascinated me and has offered me to meet it. For me it was very unexpected also I was is simply shocked. I never was abroad and here suddenly such happiness as I all over again have thought has fallen upon me. It has promised to me much everything,
that we soon become the husband and the wife and we shall live happily!! I have believed in all his stories!! It even has agreed to pay to me all charges connected to my arrival to it!! But all over again the visa was necessary for me! It has sent me through the
western union of 450 dollars to me on the visa and I have given all documents on its manufacturing. And, yesterday, when before the terminations of manufacturing of my visa, there are only 3 days it
have informed me, that it has found other girl living in his city and has fallen in love with it. It has asked a pardon and has told, that I searched to myself for another the man, ??? more that I now have ready
visa. Yesterday I all the day cried and did not know, that to me to do. I whom do not know in USA and I have nobody to go, as I do not have money to the ticket in USA. In my letter box there are no more letters from anybody, except for you, my new friend and I do not know, who else can splash out all pain which has collected at me. If you have till now interest to me as to the woman I probably can believe you and meet you within the next few days!! Because at me already all is ready to my trip to USA. It is necessary for me only 600 dollars on the ticket to you. In two days I go to Moscow to receive the visa. What for?! I yet do not know, but I all the same shall receive her in
case. Probably you will decide to help me and we can meet already in the beginning of April. If you will write to me, that all is good also you I am ready meet me can at once, from Moscow to arrive to you if
you will not want to meet me then I shall arrive back, to Samara and I shall live further, trying to forget all pain that has brought to me the Internet!!! I shall wait for your answer!!!

Report #2

I am a single person looking for new friends so I joined an online club. I got a response from: LEYLA SHUKIUROVA. Goes by The letter looked innocent I looked up her profile all seems good. She sent me photos of herself on the first mail. We started exchanging mails. After about the 5th mail exchange I sent her my photo. Her attitude changed after calling me romantic names and replying almost everyday. Suddenly she wants to visit me. She wants money to go for the visa and medical. Cost $550.00 U.S. I didn’t send any money to her. She then proceeds to tell me she is going to Moscow for the visa. She would stay at a hotel. She would use the money she has. I am still communicating accordingly. She then sent me a copy of her passport with a Canadian visa. I truly believed her now. She then told me the application for the visa had taken all her money and wanted money for the ticket to come to Canada. It will cost $620.00 U.S. I sent her some money. After sending her the money she runs into a problem, she needs more money to show “Custom house” she had money to visit Canada. She assured me the money wouldn’t be spent it’s just to show that she had the money to travel. I sent her some money again. After constantly nagging me for more money I had a gut feeling that something was wrong. I decided to look up her name, BINGO she is on the scammers list. I pretended everything is okay. She then started writing more less telling me it is costing her too much money to use the Internet. I tried to reclaim some of my money (which I highly doubt I will get back) by giving her a sad story. She stopped writing now. This message is to warn people who are looking for new friends on the internet, DON’T TRUST ANYONE, don’t fall for sad stories, don’t give your hard earned money to someone who “Falls in love with you” on the internet, If you do prepare to be scammed just the way I was. Will follow up on this to make sure this person is stopped and possibly serve some jail time.

This mail is an update on leyla, i would like to see an update link though.

Hello my dear.
I want to inform you good news.
I can come to you. I now am in Moscow. I have made the visa in your country.It will be ready tomorrow! Duration of the visa of 45 days! If you want I can send you a copy of documents, If you want, that I have
arrived to you to me it is necessary, that you have sent me money to the ticket. I might pay the
visa but my money were terminated also to me it is necessary to ask them you. If you agree to send me money I After tomorrow can buy the ticket and
fly to you! The ticket costs 620 $ USA. I hope, that I not did the visa. And I think, that you are interested in it.I wait from you for the answer!If you may not send me money that I go to yourself home in SAMARA.
But a good opportunity to meet! Such opportunity any more will not be. We very well shall spend with you. Yes, I understand, that we are not familiar, and we
a little each other know, but I think at a close meeting we may learn each other better! I have not enough time and only it is necessary to hurry up, I have left the information on in profile, I think there
you will learn a lot of interesting about me
and will be interested in me!!!
Money you may send me with the help the Western union!
The fastest and convenient way sending money it Western Union. To send money you should know my full name and a home address:
Leyla Shukiurova.
hotel " international "
123610, Moscow, Krasnooresnenskaya nab., 12, World trade centre
To receive money to me it is necessary to know your full name, your home address and control number MTCN. In bank Western Union have told that remittance goes approximately 5 minutes and I can receive money
this very day when I shall have the information sending money. I shall look forward to your answer, yours faithfully yours Leyla.This is the last letter i received from leyla, She even called me "Clint"

Good afternoon my love Chuck!
I have read your letters, and I have understood that you have stopped loving me? Lovely I would go home what to help. I tried to search for money to the ticket as I had not time also to me it was necessary 180!
I have arrived home and have told, Spoke, that we can not live the friend without the friend!!! We can
not suffer our separation; we very strongly like each other!!! Has explained, that registration of the visa and tickets coasted very dearly, and now all our resources are absent And money are necessary for the ticket for us, but mum has told me that at her many duties, it much caiaiaea that I would leave normally!
That I would not have problems.
And it was unsuccessful attempt.
I do not know what to do, I have lost all meaning of the life, my dream only to be with you and when there is not enough time, all to fall, why this world such severe? Why? clint please if you can get any money, use everything, I shall try too! I am going to go in a pawnshop and to sell the gold chain and circuit, to find any money; I only want to be with you together! I
shall make everything to be together!!!
I love you very much, and only strong I want you to embrace, and we necessarily still shall go fishing to walk on park! Excuse, but I have again begun to cry, I shall write to you later, please, write to me faster, at me very bad mood: ((( My love I has spent a few money to flight home, for life, and now is
not present cheap aaeaoia, has slightly risen in price!
My love I now would need what to pay in addition for the ticket, 250 $ and as to me gave the penalty that I have refused tickets, it is 70 $, Has spent money home and has left to mum, 380 $, understand it my mum
and I would not want that when I have arrived to you, it had huge problems from for me. All sum which I has spent, 700 $, and + it is necessary to pay in addition for the ticket 180 $! Now I to Moscow and
I wait for your letters and your help, and it is 880 $, that I to you precisely would arrive through 15 - 20 hours when I shall have this money. And I WANT TO TELL YOU THAT I YOU NOT WHEN DID NOT DECEIVE And DID NOT TRY. I LOVE YOU.
Your loving Leyla, I shall be with you, I very much hope, that we shall solve
these problems!!!

Report # 3

these photos have also been used by:
- 27104 Lena, from Omsk, Russia. 28 y. o. E-mail:


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