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Olesya Basukova
First name:

Olesya Basukova

Last name:
Age: 38
Location details: Shumerlay Russia
Postal address:
Phone number:
E-mail address: olesasba@mail.r


Report #1
I was contacted my Miss Olesya Basukove from New Date
In only 3 letters she started her scam claiming she already loved me in about every other letter she would profundly claim she was in love with me .
Every letter I wrote to her she avoided some questions and then answed very little question I put to her to answer .
Her letters are quiet well written for a Russian speaking women but the letters she writes have a deeper side to gain your trust and fool you into beleiving she is in love with you .
By her 7th letter she was already planing to move to the U.S to be with me .
Even when I told her no one could be in love over writing letters to one another and she would never be given a U.S Visa but she still comtinued to press on with the Hole scam until I received a letter tell me she needed $790 dollars for a travel agnecy airline ticket to come to the U.S to be with me .
Everything I told her that she would never get a visa was just passed over with another letter she claimed her love for me .
In one letter she claims the Travel agent will issue her the U.S Visa and she needs $300 dollars for that
The only people who will issue a visa are at the U.S Embassy in Moscow !
This women is a professional crimal scamer and from her letters she has done this possible hundreds of times to man all over the world .

Report #2
Please do not be get involved with this lady she promises you love and being married and within three letters she tells you that she wants to be together and then sent emails asking for 6OO euros to help her the travelling costs.She asks for your details which I did NOT !! and the nearest airport which I told her.
She then sents you a copy of a plane ticket and legal documents stamped by the Russian Agency and that she needs 600 euros for money for confirmation of my solvency.
She is very pushy so do not send any cash or details to this girl.


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