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Last name: tigerlily
Age: 30
Location details: lugansk
Postal address: ukraine
Phone number:
E-mail address:,


Hello, my dearest Marcel! I'm pleased to get letter from you! With every mail I likeyou more and more! I like the correspondence with you verymuch! It brings so much light into my life! Marcel, I wish to meet you in the real life. It doesn'tmatter for me, where to meet. If you'd like to come to me, Iwould be very glad and I would agree to visit Noumea, if youwant. You are a man and the final decision rests with you. I'd like to ask you a personal question. Marcel, what do youthink about sexual relations? Who should dominate, man orwoman? Do you have crazy fantasies? May be you dream aboutsomething, but have never brought to life? Who knows,perhaps one day we can do this together.I dream to pour thefull bath of water with aromatic soap, light the candles andtake the glass of champagne and to spend this romantic timewith my beloved man. I feel myself very lonely and I want tomeet a real men. I like you very much! And I want tocontinue our friendship:) Do you like rain, honey? I adore sitting near the window andlooking at water drops flowing down. But most of all I liketo walk in rainy summer day with my beloved man. It's soromantic to kiss each other in the rain!!! My dear Marcel! I want to continue our relations, you arevery deep in my heart. But the reason why I am very sad now,this is the last letter that I can write you. As I told youbefore, I use the service of translation bureau and pay themfor the translation, sending and typing letters to you. Ithink, that they fulfil their duties great, because theygave us the possibility to communicate, to know each otherbetter and clearly understand. But at the moment I have nopossibility to recharge my account. As you know, thesalaries in Ukraine are not very high, specially who worksfor social establishments. I rise my son and pay my billsmyself. But at this period of time I have no funds fortranslations. I don't like to ask for a help, I used to relyon myself. But now I don't know what to do. You became agreat part of my life and I can't stop our relations. Iwould be gladly pay for the translation services, if Icould. Firstly I think of us. You are the reason of myexistence, don't let me go! I know, it is so manydifficulties on our path, but we can overcome them together!Please, think, what can you do for us. I want you to know, Iam very serious about you and can wait if it takes some timefor you to help me. You are always on my mind. Faithfully yours, Mila


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