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Age: 31
Location details: Russia,Mari-Turek
Postal address: ?
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Without discussion she announce me she come in few days and she has need money for visa.
I was very surprised. This is the scammers style.
When I refused to send money she broke contact.

I sent her this text :
"Sorry, I never send money, this is a rule to fight the scammers on dating web sites.
This rule is very effective, I already use it with success."

Her letter :
"Hello my dear! I am glad to tell to you these words of a greeting. I with impatience wait for this day when I can tell to you GREETINGS -
PERSONALLY. :love: Thanks for your message XXX. Today I very much to be tired. I to move on foot much. :-( I went to agency and
have signed the contract. According to the contract, agency purchase of tickets and delivery will prepare for the plane me all documents for my arrival. From my city is not present what planes to you. On this I should fly from Moscow. And from there to you. My agent requires some your information. It is necessary for a route of the plane. I ask you to inform me the address and the closest airport to you. This information is necessary tomorrow. As soon as the Agency will receive this information they will tell to me full cost of my trip. Today I to pay the first part of money, for my visa and other documents to travel. It was more than I thought. I thought that the visa and documents will cost to me 150 euros? But because of difficulties of reception of the visa, I have paid 256 euros. my Dear?
It is possible if you will help me a little with my arrival? I have a little money for payment of other part of cost of travel. I to borrow some sum my parents. But it will not suffice to pay completely my trip. I should pay the second part of money according to the contract before I shall receive the visa. I shall keep you posted all my promotions. I hope that it will not be for you a problem. I shall inform to you all news about promotion of our meeting. Now I go home to have rest, I am very much tired today. I shall wait for your message. My kisses and embraces. Yours Yuliya! :love: :love: :love:"


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