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Last name: Puno
Age: 40
Location details: P.O. Box 7791 manila 1261 Makati City, Manila Philippine
Postal address:
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E-mail address:;


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Puno (id=122855)
Sent to - Rodney
ID: 36321
Age: 57
Country: New Zealand
City: Timaru

From Mrs Joyce Puno
P.O. Box 7791 manila
1261 Makati City,
Manila Philippine
Email: joycepuno AT ymail DOT com
Dear Friend,
My name is Mrs Joyce Puno, The wife of Mr.Roland Puno a senator during president joseph Estrada regime in Philippine.who is receently killed in philippine.
During my husband's regime as a senator,I realized some reasonable amount of money from various deals that I successfully executed and my buisness in the united state of which the Government has block most of my account in the bank of america,trying to leave me with nothing.
well before my late husband was killed,I secretly put in a box the sum of $15,200,000 million USD (Fifteen Million Two Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) and deposit it in a security company abroad.
I am contacting you because I want you to help me in securing the money for the future of my children since the government now monitor all my movement.
I hope to trust you as who will not sit on this money when you claim it.i will give you 15% of the total money for your assistance.if you are willing to help me,email me at( joycepuno AT ymail DOT com )
Best regards.
Mrs Joyce Puno


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