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Karina Perova
First name:

Karina Perova

Last name: Karina
Age: 32
Location details: Russia, Moscow
Postal address: ?
Phone number:
E-mail address:
ICQ: 590813699


her email :
ID on SKYPE : mostwanted525
Hi my lover XXX!
I am so miss you my darling!
Cannot wait to meet you!
As I told you, today I was in travel agency.
I am just now come home.
And first what I have made, it is write to you letter.
I have next information about flight.
The plane will be 15 of January, in friday.
I have already book this tickets and paid part of money for this tickets.
The tickets cost 700 USD, and I have paid only 300 USD.
Because I do not have more money.
I hope you can help me to pay for this tickets.
As I told you, I am seriouse and honest girl.
You can see that I have never play games.
And I hope you do not will play games.
You need to pay to my travel agent 400 USD.
As you see, I do not ask you to give me the money.
You will pay direct to travel agent.
He will contact with you in the nearest time.
So, now there are no problem for our meet.
I need only to get tickets and we will be together.
Darling, you need to make payment soon as you can.
Because it is not so much time til 15 of January.
Less than week and we will be together.
I am sure, we will spent time like in paradise.
Waiting for your letter my dearest lover in the world.
Kiss you and thinking only about you every time.
With all my love, your forever Karina


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