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I joined your site yesterday and found a scammer right at the beginning. I have given my email to,
Julia (id=122802) on your site. By the next day I have receive in my email today a message from a girl who is calling her self Yuliya.
Her email is
After doing a basic search in Google.
I have come with a basic scam report.
I am 80 percent sure Julia (id=122802) is the scammer because see is the only one not replying and see is the only person who has read my yesterdays email of 4. The other three email have not been read with a no on your web site.

Hello xxx!!!
How are you??!!

Dear, I know that all the time we ask each other: how are you??!! But we are doing it not because we are really interested in it but because it is norma, it is rule, we have to do it and that is all. Very nice to meet you, my name is Yuliya!!! I am a lady who does not want to be like all other people and make everything by rules!!! No, I am individual, I have my own life, my own world outlook and my special point of view!!! You know that when I ask: how are you??!! I really want to know how are you, how is your mood and what is going on in your life. Of course, I can not be interested in a total stranger but if I have known this person for a week, I will listen to him and I will try to help him if it is necessary. Dear, you should not think that I am too smart or maybe a woman who needs to be different in order to attract people`s attention. No, I am a simple lady of 27 years old, who has standard family, simple work but very special heart. I mean that it is very difficult for other people to become closer to my heart. Yes, I am talking about men now. We are living in the 21st century. It is new, fast and very cruel world. It can give you a lot of possibilities to become rich and can make you poor in a second. I do not want to be rich, I am not a careerist, I do not want to be the leader of the world and fight for the fortune of the world by killing everything on my way. I am a lady who does not like this rules and norms. I think that I am an old fashion lady. The most important thing in life for me is family. It is impossible for me to build family without love. Love should appear between two persons who are ready to understand each other, respect each other and support each other in everything. Of course, there are a lot of things which are very important for building relations but I hope that we will have time with you to discuss it:) What do you think about it??!! Dear, I am looking for a man who can understand and warm my heart, who will be ready to build serious relations with me. I am not a young girl any more and I am totally ready for it. You know that if you want to know me more and better I will be waiting for your letter on the e-mail

You will learn much more interesting things about me and I hope that I will learn you better too:) I hope, that I hear from you soon!!!!
specially for you


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