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Nataliya Sukhina
First name:

Nataliya Sukhina

Last name: Nataliya
Age: 26
Location details: Demehina ST, 43 Lugansk
Postal address: 91000
Phone number:
E-mail address:


Hello xxx,
I'm very pleased to meet you! My name is Nataliya but closefriends of mine call me Nata. So, if you want to be a friendof my call me Nata. Ok? Oh! You know, I'm really very gladthat I met you and you gladly gave me your mail address so Ican write you my letter and expect your answer. I don't knowyou yet and all my feeling to you based on my intuitiononly. I don't want to be mistaken about you. I want you tobe kind, caring, dependable, loving and passionate man. Isit you?? It is my very first time when I try to find my soulmate abroad. Don't disappoint me, ok? Here let me provideyou with some information about me. I'm a simple girl fromUkraine. I'm told that I'm nice and charming. I have neverbeen married and I haven't got kids. I'm not in love. Idon't have a boyfriend but I had some. I'm too tired to belonely and that is why I'm here. I'm looking for YOU, mysecond half and my soul mate here!! Oh! You know, it is soexciting to talk to you!!! I have a feeling that my firstletter to you is a beginning of something great for both ofus!! Don't you feel the same?!! I don't know it is good orbad in your opinion, but I have to tell you that as manywomen I'm a very curious girl :). I want to know as much aspossible about you! I have so many questions to you!! Whyyou are here? Are you too tired to be lonely and like me youare seeing for someone special to share the life with? Whyyou are looking for a woman abroad? Will you be caring andloving with me? When is it your birthday?? Ok. I don't wantto bother you at all. I let you think about me and thequestions I asked you. But I expect to get your responsesoon. Ok?? :) Please, know that I'm waiting for your letterwith a huge impatience!!! Also I will be happy to get yourphoto. And I'm waiting... P.S. Don't forget, my private mail address
I got exactly the same letter.


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