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Last name:
Age: 0
Location details: Russia Kufesi
Postal address:
Phone number: did write she has no phone
E-mail address: <>


I offerend her to meet with her in Russia. She did not want that.<br />
Later she told that she did prepare a visa to germany and for that need money.
She did sent via mail fotos of Visa and flight tickets...but it only was a photomontage
See here one of the mails
Hello my love xxx!
My love xxx I as this morning was in travel agency and my love xxx learnt from me already the visa about
my visa and so is ready also to me it is necessary only to confirm solvency 800$ and all
understand! I as have asked and have contacted embassy in Moscow that to me have sent a copy of my visa to send
specially Uwe and to prove that I really I arrive to you and please be serious well? My love Uwe you perfectly know now that my visa is ready in Moscow in embassy my start of the plane in 3 days and
It is necessary to confirm only solvency 800$ and I swear to you heart that I will arrive to you on February, 26 and concern me and to my arrival it is seriously good?
With impatience I shall look forward to hearing also good news!
Your love Alexandra.


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