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Alla Guliaeva
First name:

Alla Guliaeva

Last name: Guliaeva
Age: 30
Location details: Lugansk, Parkovaya Street,85.
Postal address: 91050 - Ukraine
Phone number:
E-mail address: <>



Dear xxx,
I can't stop my tears,reading your letter.I am grateful to you for your understanding,you gave to me a hope and you taught me to trust people.I know that you are a man of your word and I feel that you will not deceive me.
I will be very happy to continue our communication because we have a lot to tell to each other and to discuss our future, but first I should pay for our letters, otherwise,the workers of the translating agency will not permit me to write my respond to you because I can't pay for their service now.
I have to pay $7 per each letter from you,because the interpreter translates it for me from English into Russian and also I should pay for my letter to you,because the interpreter translates it from Russian into English and they send it to you.
Also they have got the service of the unlimited correspondence. It is $230 per one month.It means that we can write the unlimited amount of the letters to each other. Also if you pay at once per two months, it is cheaper.The unlimited correspondence per two months cost $370.
Dear,I'm not able to pay for our letters anymore and I am very disappointed with it, but if you take the decision to help us, I think you'll need this information.
You can send the money on my name. My full name is Alla Guliaeva.
My home address is Ukraine,Lugansk,91050,Parkovaya Street,85.
You can send the money by the system "Western Union" or "Moneygram".
I was told that I would be able to receive the money transfer using these services without any problems just having my passport and my ID code.
I will be waiting for your help very much and I do hope that your intentions are such serious and pure as mine.
Yours Alla with love and hope.


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