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Evgeniya Zebreva
First name:

Evgeniya Zebreva

Last name: zebreva
Age: 31
Location details: Russia, Shelanga, Republic of Tatarstan
Postal address: Republic Tatartan Verhneuslonsky area Settlement Shelanga Street Quay, 23 Apartment 47 Post code 422570 Zebreva Evgeniya.
Phone number:
E-mail address:,


She ask me 2100 euros to come in France !
She has never gave her phone number.
I refused to send this money, and now I have not news from her !
below, her letter:
Hello my love XXX!!!
Now in Russia evening! To me it is very lonely without you!
I today early in the morning went to bank, but I again could not receive money.
I have just received your message! Also has found out that you have cleaned a city the addressee!
But unfortunately already late. All banks are already closed! Do not worry if you speak that everything is all right I can receive tomorrow that of money!
But I have also a good news! I have received today the visa and the passport!
I have received the visa! But when to me have handed over the visa the manager of tour agency have asked about Pocket money.
Then I have asked it, that it have in view of, and that such entrance money.
I have answered it, that to me about it that did not speak!!
I was very angry at them, that they to me about it have not told in advance!!!
They have irresponsibly concerned it. Then serving to me has told,
That I would calm down and that she now will explain all about entrance money.<
She has told, that pocket money is the sum of money necessary for each person,
Which leaves the country. Pocket money is necessary,<
For this purpose what not to starve and to become the poor person in other country!!!
It is necessary, because the state cares of the citizen, and the state does not want,
That their citizen would starve and conducted a bad life.
But I have told that I am am waited my by the favourite person and that he will not allow me to starve.
She has answered me, that understands all that that I speak,
But I will arrive to you under the tourist visa and to have pocket money,It is necessary. She has told, that this rule of customs service of Russia,
Which they cannot break. Has told that it is the law and that I should observe it.
She has told, if I do not have entrance money I cannot pass customs and rise aboard the plane.
The employee has told, that it only formality, and that this money will not be spent.
I should show only this money to employees of customs with that purpose,
What to prove to them, that I can live in other country. I have asked to name the sum of pocket money,
Which are necessary for me. It has counted it. I have written down this sum on a leaf.
The sum of entrance money makes 2100 euros. When I have found out this sum,
I had a small dizziness. Then she has once again told to me,That it is formality and that this money will not be spent. Only it is necessary to show this money.
dear Jean-Marc, you very much have helped me with documents and the ticket, and it is not convenient to me to ask you money again,
But I very much wish to be with you. And I would not like to stop on the reached. And I think,
That you too do not wish to stop on half of way. I LOVE YOU, but I do not know that to me to do,
This money will not be spent, I will arrive to you and I will give you the same money at once, it is formality,I hope, that you understand me. As soon as I will arrive to you, I will give at once of this money to you personally in charge.
I am now lost... I as cannot calm down, I worry. I LOVE YOU, and I very much wish to be with YOU!!
Understand me please!! It is very a shame to me to ask money you again, but i love you Jean-Marc,
And I wish to be with you nearby.
Now I will wait for your answer!
Yours Evgeniya!!!!


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