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Kristina Romova
First name:

Kristina Romova

Last name: Romova
Age: 31
Location details: Moscow
Postal address:
Phone number: +79051883339
E-mail address:


Hello everybody,
I want to warn you not to write and especially not to send money to this woman because you will lose your money and never meet her.
After several months of correspondence by email, we start our communication by mobile phone..She
always pretended to be in Love with me, playing like a perfect actress, and I believed her like a stupid.
When I asked to visit her in Moscow She always tell me that she wanted to come to me to Italy and that I had to help her paying her return flight ticket by sending money to a russian travel agency agency that I have found afterward it doesn't exist:
I received this message form the fake agency on behalf of Kristina Ramova:
"Hello Mr.
My name is Sergey Zavoloko. I am agent of travel in the agency of travel Around of the World.<br />
Kristina Pavlova give me your e-mail. She said that you would to pay for tickets Moscow - Milan- Moscow.
I am with pleasent give you all information."
I must also add that she sent me a perfect scanned copy of her passport, to make me feel sure she was telling the truth..That was obviously false.
Finally, I send all the money to her by means of Western Union for the tickets flight..and it is useless to say that she disappeared afterwards, and of course never came to Italy.
So be carefull and do not write to this woman.


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