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Last name: Nataliya (131781)
Age: 27
Location details: Krasnodon
Postal address:
Phone number:
E-mail address:;


I changed some emails with that person. In the 3rd she told me that she need money to go on with our conversation, that our "future just depends on me"! She also sent me naked photos in the 3rd mail. I have found her also at with the name Natalia and an age of 29.
See the correspondence and the photos and put this person on your scammer list!

1st Mail from 21th of July:

Hello my dear xxx!!!

I am very glad to receive your reply! I was waited for your letter impatiently As I told, my name is Natalia. I am 27 years old. I live in small Ukrainian city Krasnodon. It is
famous for Molodogvardeizi - young people, who battled against German Nazi during the 2nd world War. It is situated near bigger city Lugansk, in the eastern part of Ukraine. I live with my mom and my brother. My brothers name is Alexey,
he is 16. I am working as a shop assistant. I sell perfume and cosmetics. I like it very much, thought my salary is not high. But due to my work I can communicate with different
people, and to know more about beauty! And what is your job?<b
Do you like it?
Unfortunately, I do not have a beloved man... I tried to create relations with one man here in Ukraine, but, unsuccessfully. I thought that we had a great love, we used to date around 2 years, even were thinking about wedding, but once I noticed that he cheated on me with another girl! And that was one of my friends!! That was the end and I felt
into a big depression. Just some months ago, with help of my friend, I have understood that I need to live further and that he is not my Destiny. Here, also the reason why I value honesty and trust in relations. And what about you? What do you think is the most important in relations? Have you ever
been married?

Another thing that I have to tell you - my English is really poor. I used to study it at school, but it was so long time ago!! And I didnt pay many attention to studying foreign languages! I didnt have any thought that I`ll need it so much in future!! So now I need to use translation service.
Unfortunately I do not have anybody who can help me. My
friends do not know English too. And another reason of using it - I do not have a computer. And I typing very very slowly! I am planning to learn it, but right now I do not have such a possibility. I would like to live abroad. Well,I like my country, but I can not find my love here and
Ukrainian men disappointed me! That`s why I decided to look for my love abroad!! And who knows? Maybe one day I will come to you...? Here I attached some photos about me, I hope you will like them. Do you?
Please send me your photos! And write me more about yourself!!!

Your Natali.

2nd Mail from 22th of July:
Hello, my darling xxx!!!
I am very glad to read your letter today!:) Dear, you make me smile and I hope it will last forever. I am optimistic and purposeful person, and I think that impossible is possible (it is my life motto!). I like to communicate with you, you are very interesting person. How do you imagine our
first meeting? Do you want to see me?)) ;)
My photo was made on a Crimea`s beach!! Last year I spend there almost a week!! That summer I will have no vocations, because I have to work.
This morning I was jogging in a company of my dog! And I like pets very much. I need somebody near my shoulder to take care about!!! His name is Terry. I love him very much!
I think that you will also like him! I put him for a walk every two days. I would be glad to do it more often, but my work is taking almost all my time)))) I work until 8pm.

By the way, I forget to tell you about one of the biggest passion of my life - about dancing!! Do you like to dance? I am not a professional, but I like it so much! I do it every morning instead of morning exercises. When I have a bad mood
- it helps to escape from it and to be merry. And when I have a good mood - it is just a good addition! But do not think that I am a crazy dancer!;)

I am looking at your pictures now and I really like its!!! That fish is so big!! And it looks like shark!! Is it shark?
I haven`t ever see one! Wow!

And what is this rock? Tell me more about you traveling!!
Tell me more about your character, what is special in your personality, how do you think? All people are different, and I think that every one has something special. What is your favourite colour? What do you prefer - tea or coffee? Do you like reading? Or watching TV? Do you prefer cats or dogs? I
think that these will help us to be closer.
Unfortunately I have to finish my letter now. My best friend will have a birthday tomorrow and I have to find a present
for her. Thank you very much that your letter make me to smile!!<
I send you a tender kiss!!! Be waiting for your letter!
Your Natalia.
p.s. I am 27 years old.

3rd Mail:
Hello my honey xxxx!!!
You can not even imagine, how you and your letters make me to be happy!!! I am so glad that we found each other. With you, inside my heart the sun is shining brightly for me and the birds are singing their songs loudly!!!
In Crimea I visited Sevastopol and Semferopol.
I have a little dog, but I don't remember his pedigree! Look at the picture!
I like coffee too but tea I like also!
I like fantasy books. Maybe It's little bit childly but occasionally I like to dip into the world of unreality. It's very exciting to read about something that can not be, about
something that will never been met in our everyday life.
I fond of fantastic movies, something like The lord of the rings, or Twilight. Last time I watch Avatar, and I like it very much. It's really amazing and very beautiful. Did you watch?
About food: I can eat everything. Especially I like sweets... mmmmmmm I can eat a lot of chocolate and cakes. I know that it's not very good for figure, but I can not do
anything :) I like also our national Ukrainian food. Do you know anything about it? And I can cook it well :)My favourite song is our national song about Mother. It`s very old Ukrainian song tell about Mother`s love to her children., that you are taking care
about me. You are surely the best man, person that I have ever met here, in our planet. I would like to be with you forever, to help you in your life, to share with you the life routine, success and falsies. To tell you the secret,
today I have a dream about you, about us! I do not know, will it be a true story one day (it depends just on us, right?), but I will do my best from my side to make it real!!! I am very proud that I found man, who are interesting not just in my body, but also in my soul, in my inner world and who is honest! That is really very important
for me... I do not know how my life will continue further, but I am sure that I would like to share it with you! I am< dreaming to spend with you every spare minute, to manage romantic walking and to bring coffee (juice, tea, water) in our bed. I do not want to be alone. I am tired, really tired of it, and as I found you - I know why I am living! I will
be a best friend, caring wife and passionate lover...
My sweetheart, you know, I have to tell you one very unpleasant thing. My salary is rather low, and right now we have to pay more for the flat, for the bills, the prices for food is increasing. I do not have a possibility to buy a milk... That's why I am very upset and worrying...I will not be able to continue the payment for our correspondence any
more(((( And as you know I don't have a computer with an Internet to write you!!! but I can not stop crying, because I do not want to loose you!!! Sweetie, I need you, you are in the centre of my world and I will be not able to live
without you. Right now, our future depends just on you... Please, give us a chance for happiness... Send you a strong kiss!!!
Be waiting for your answer impatiently!!!
Love you for ever!

I think these kind of pre-writed mail are enoufgh evidence to prove that she is just another Scammer!




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