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Lyudmila Polivoda
First name:

Lyudmila Polivoda

Last name: Polivoda
Age: 31
Location details: Ukraine, Lugansk
Postal address: Kotsyubinskogo str. 19a/39
Phone number: + 38-0988501513
E-mail address:


After a long e-mail and phone contact I was somehow in love and she wanted to come to me for a meeting.
I have send her by Western Union in total about
$ 2000,= for passport, visa and travel cheques to enter Holland.
A few days ago I phoned the Embassy in Kiev (Ukraine)and they never heard of her??!!!!
I dont understand that after about 3 months very good contact with her she is, or works with criminals.
I am very dissapointed that these girls are working via your New Dating site.
And I have to give a compliment to your site because
its very beautiful organized.
Only very much a pity that I dont know which women I can trust or not.

With friendly regards from Holland,
Eddie (New dating site ID: 11.96..64)


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