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Last name: Litvinova
Age: 30
Location details: Kirovsk
Postal address: 10 Gogolya Street, Kirovsk, Ukraine 93800
Phone number: +380630375284
E-mail address:,


Liza and I had been writing to each other for about 1 month.
She claimed not to have a mobile phone nor does her family have a landline, but I was able to speak to her eventually by ringing a friends number she gave me.
I have some work over in Ukraine towards the end of September and suggested we meet up whilst I was over there.
She didn't want me to come to her hometown (Kirovsk) which is fair enough, so we agreed to meet in Kiev.
I said I would reimburse her travelling costs and pay for her accommodation whilst in Kiev.
She got back to me saying the return train fare to Kiev from Kirovsk was 250 dollars or, if she were to fly, her return flight would be 400 dollars. Obviously she didn't have the money to pay for either method of transport.
She said she was upset I didn't trust her enough to send her the money for her trip, so I agreed to send it.
She then asked me to send her the money via Western Union or Money Gram.
As I have business contacts in Ukraine I was able to verify that in fact the train journey costs only 30 dollars return and the internal flight
is about 150 dollars return.
Without doubt Liza is trying to scam me and I don't expect her to meet me.


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