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Last name: Malinovskaya
Age: 23
Location details: Ukraine 18000,Cherkasska region,Chigirin town,
Postal address: Gagarina st 2/6
Phone number: +380952529551
E-mail address:


I was writing to Kristina for sometime. During our conversation we established she was a student. Later, she informed me that she was in the middle of her exams and one of her lecturers had deliberately failed one of her papers. The reason for this was because he expected money from her and her fellow pupils as a bribe to ensure they all passed this particular paper. She said he requested $100 as a bribe. The other students paid it, but she couldn't afford it. She dare not ask her parents for the money as they were poor, so she said she had to turn to me for the money. She asked if I could send her the money via Western Union.
I wrote back to her saying it was a crazy thing for a lecturer to behave this way as there would be to many witnesses to his crime (i.e. all her fellow pupils) and he would easily be found out. I therefore suggested she wasn't telling the truth and was trying to scam the money out of me. I never heard from her again.


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