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  Angelo (id=125142)  
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Age: 57
Registration date: 17.02.2010
Date of last visiting: 28.01.2019
Updating date: 28.11.2010
Country: Italy
City: Milan
Height: 5'10" (178cm)
Weight: 195 lbs (89kg)
Eye color: brown/hazel
Hair color: brown
Marital status: divorced/separated
Children: yes
Education: Bachelor degree
Occupation: self employed
My favorite pastime: movies, theatres, exhibitions, museums, with my friends, walking, outdoors activity, at home, depends on my mood
My favorite music: different kinds
My personality traits: honest, kind, sociable, tender, sensitive, cheerful, optimistic, romantic, serious, confident, smart
My favorite cuisine: Different kinds
Languages: English, Italian
Religion: Christian
Heritage: Mixed
Do you drink?: I drink socially, When visiting parties
Do you smoke?: I do not smoke, and smoking bothers me
How do you feel about drugs?: I don't take any drugs at all - of any kind!
About Me: I was born as the result of a major disguise concerning the evaluation of expected consequences of tight social entertainment. It was april 1st 1962, and we were many crying at that time. They called us baby boomers. Shortly they found for me an uncommon name in the crowd, even if a common one anyway in paradise: Angelo. My parents later also told me that the name would have been tremendously up to date at the next stop in paradise( provided a virtuous life). Since then on, I made my best to find a sense to the general concept of Mistake. That I was, even if Dad never admitted any kind of possible error. Mum was more conciliatory and never blamed Dad, but always wanted to talk in private about the issue. A sister came 3 years later and brought finally peace to the irresponsible team. Dad, this last birth provided, had been finally declared guilty by Mum and his dangerous warfare decommissioned shortly after. In the contingency his words to me were: my son, I did my best to never give you a chance to live but life is sometimes irresponsible and evil to you guys. Not the glory but the luck lacked . Studies, work and a blasting wife changed my happy attitude to life into an unhappy solitude for wife. I lost all of my friends but thank God two kids gave sun to the pale shoulders and to the dismayed eyes. After some painful days everything got back to normal and Italian excited uselessness recovered me to the production when a separation occurred in 2006 and since then the plea grew stronger and brighter: I had no help from the ( lost ) friends and had to bear Her alone. No superpowers, no wonderwoman. Time to skip forward .. An important issue is surely height. Arent mountains loved more than the garbage hills for their outstanding height ? Mine stopped at 178 cm.above the sea level when I'm at the seaside. I really don't use all of my height because the eyes are at a lower floor as the ears. Truly I don't know very well what happens on the last floor apart when it is windy and I realize with pleasure that it is still crowded up there. Body size is a more delicate matter. It involves the need of a comparison that makes me winner over the hippos and shamefully looser with the hamsters. Truly I look like a wild boar but the insufficient hairy body makes me a bald nerd of the species. My clothing style considers carefully the bacteria charge. The grow of mushrooms is considered unacceptable. Bugs are tolerated until a density of 100 units per square meter. Bacteria are not allowed to show colonies introducing colour variation on the garment. Genocide is then conducted using slightly used water and hard discount commercial solvents. Clothing style is therefore casual in the sense of absolute randomness of choice. Best featuresof me ?! Hard to find, like searching for a daisy in a truck of gravel, might find one, but what about the condition ? It is now time to speak about the others or the courageous reader that has just arrived here. Well ..I think Im looking for a woman and Im here because Im not enough, or not at all, overhelmed somewhere else. Remember dear reader that the care of a man it is easier than the one of a dog. We ( Im the man ) go walking and to the toilet alone and usually not on the sidewalks so that a decent neighborhood is easier for the owner/woman. Im searching for a woman to be possibly loved at first sight and beloved for her feminine attitude. Simple, isnt it ? This spell provided, I imagine the recipe to get along together could be: 30% common interests, 30% hand in hand capability to drive me in her interests, 20% disposition to follow in mine ( I imagine to be slightly more lazy .. ), 10% attitude to understand my natural limits ( like being a man I know ..) and 10% pure capability to simply forgive me sometimes. Plus a 20% bonus ( it sums 120% but thats the power of love ) of sense of humor. Same all granted back. The dressing of all that above is all those nice and correct behaviours generally described in the section Looking For. The oven to bake the ingredients is made of the warm and polite adjectives used generally to describe those behaviours.The last ingredients in this recipe; the most critical and sensitive for the result, are the water to mix it all up and some cooking fat for the sticking and mellowing of the taste. Well, the water and the cooking fat are the magic of a woman capable of being brain/immagination teasing and body/life relaxing. Usually men look for the opposite but Im a liar. I love children and never say never about having them. I like travelling in any sense. Better a night trip in the galleries of the underground in Bombay with a blind Indian Jones as scout or may be an adventurous week in the jungle of the Italian bureaucracy in search of my reimbursement check of fiscal year 1982 ? No problems with race or locations, just please be kind with yourself and down to earth with me and peacefully evaluate if convenient public transportation & low cost flights are provided on a frequent basis at a reasonable distance. Meeting has to be a comfortable matter or it becomes a one in life adventure. Also please consider that a relation is first and last communication. I speak and write Italian and English and in one of those only we will have to dialogue. Translators won't help much as mutual acquaintance is the dance of two hearts twisting together to become the dream of a single one. The colours of our feelings are fading and wavy when getting close to the core of life and words are the invisible ties keeping us tenderly hand in hand along mutual discovery. A sincere thanks to you arrived here. If you really didn't find another way to let your life blow away at the true nothing but all seek for Love you might drop some lines but carefully think about before, dreams sometimes come true. I wish you shining days. Angelo
  Angelo (id=125142)  

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