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  Yaya taw (id=283359)  
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Yaya taw

Age: 59
Registration date: 07.02.2022
Date of last visiting: 22.04.2024
Updating date: 25.09.2021
Country: Egypt
City: mtl
Height: 6'0" (183cm)
Weight: 195 lbs (89kg)
Eye color: blue
Hair color: brown
Marital status: divorced/separated
Children: no
Education: Bachelor degree
Occupation: musician
My favorite pastime: outdoors activity, depends on my mood
My favorite music: rock, pop, jazz, country
My personality traits: honest, gentle, optimistic, serious, smart, responsible, considerate
My favorite cuisine: French, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Different kinds
Languages: English, French, Arabic
Religion: Muslim
Heritage: White / Caucasian
Do you drink?: I rarely drink
Do you smoke?: I'm kicking the habit
How do you feel about drugs?: I don't take any drugs at all - of any kind!
About Me: I don't mind living in a woman's world forever as long as I can be a man in can find me on my f a c e my name is yahya guitarworld as i am a musician i am sure you can trace i am sure my woman will be smart like a johnstone- i don't think about love as an intention but as a natural manifestation from the universe at the right time and he or she who is pure in his heart will attract his soulmate and this love will last and will be stronger with time there is a spiritual sufi poet who once said what you are looking for is also looking for you the important thing is to let it happen naturally as everything is already written in the stars true love is usually like the wind we can never see it but we will always feel it when it comes
  Yaya taw (id=283359)  

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