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 Legally married but separated. Is it okay to date?

Author: Blake38  ()
Date:   01-17-18 01:07

I have already been married before for two years to my childhood best friend. I thought that was already it, that she was already the one for me. Sadly, our love story didnít have a happy ending. We went on our separate ways and went on with our lives. Weíre still on the process of finalizing our divorce so technically, weíre still legally married but are separated already.
I was planning on joining this romance tour that my brother is going to. Iím just holding myself back before signing up because Iím not sure if it was really okay for me to date someone else already. My soon to be ex-wife is not seeing someone else yet. I feel like if i date again before she does, I would look like the bad guy in the relationship.
Has anyone tried dating before their divorce papers were finalized? Was it okay? I donít want my ex-wife to say something about it. I also donít want the girl I would be dating to think weíre doing something wrong. Please give me some advice.

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 Re: Legally married but separated. Is it okay to date?

Author:   ()
Date:   02-18-20 18:42

honesty is the best policy. Tell the truth and let your partner decide if she needs it or not. Same with your ex wife. Tell her that you are dating again.

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