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 there is a scammer here from ghana ut the site is not taking complaints

Author: Yaya taw  ()
Date:   07-19-21 04:43

i caught a qthe scammer here from ghana but the site is not taking any messages to stop it she is using the name Traceyjohnstone (id=275601)

she or he will use this email and whatsapp to scam you
traceytracy007 @ g mail. com, +1(480)273-4663
but the issue is that when i caught her i told her that i hacked her location on whatsapp wich i did but then 5 minutes later i tried to complain to this site but everytime i filled the information on this site i did it about 16 times then when i press send it always goes to a blank page that says go away hacker so how does the site knows what happened between me and her on her whatsapp outside the site mmmmmmmmm and why does this page if you scroll down on it where it says send a message i did send but it goes to get away hacker

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 Re: there is a scammer

Author: Date  ()
Date:   07-21-21 21:20

Hello Yaya taw, thank you for the reaction and reporting the member who used hidden ip location but actually was a person who stays in Ghana which is sadly famous for "nigerian/ghana scam scheme". This member has been blocked from further use of the website. The technical software bug with the Stop Scammer page has been forwarded to the techsupport and will be fixed as soon as possible.

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 Re: there is a scammer here from ghana ut the site is not taking complaints

Author:   ()
Date:   07-21-21 23:05

Great and thank you for saving others from this scammer and thanks for fixing the software bug too as it was weird than
K you

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