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Author: james  (
Date:   10-27-07 23:22

People can be catergorized into two groups: Givers and or Takers.
I believe that people male or female fall into one of these two groups in general. A giving personality loves unconditionally and its main characteristic is to do for others. I also believe that there truly are few truly giving personalities in total male or female. Giver personalities always seem to attract taker personalities. In the short run the relationship seems blissful, because the giver gives of themselves and feels they are sharing themselves and is being themselves. The taker enjoys others always doing things for them, and always enjoys receiving things, such as attention, gifts, money, compliments etc. I have talked to many people said they got divorced because they were a giver and their spouse was a taker. The taker eventually wears out the giver. The problem is there is about 85% Takers and about 15% Givers in this world. I have also talked to people that broke up from intimate relationships and their major reason was only one person in the relationship was giving. The extreme taker is a scammer, but there are plenty of people that are not scammers, but nonetheless have dominant taker personality traits. My point being examine your heart and decide who you truly are. If you are a giver seek a giver and if you are a taker seek a taker I promise you will be happier in the long run. I personally will only date givers, because I believe they are the best lovers out there. If a givers falls for another giver the relationship usually works. The people I know that are truly in love and that other people admire are examples of two truly giving personality finding the common bond of love. I do realize there has to be mutual attraction and yes physical attraction first, but with that chemistry the mind and the heart both fall in love.

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