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  Terseo (id=25104)  
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Возраст: 49
Дата регистрации: 01.09.2019
Дата последнего посещения: 25.05.2020
Дата обновления: 14.09.2019
Знак зодиака:
Страна: United Kingdom
Город: Chichester
Рост: 6'0" (183см)
Вес: 190 lbs (86кг)
Цвет глаз: карие
Цвет волос: светлый
Семейное положение: не замужем/не женат
Дети: нет
Образование: незаконченное высшее
Профессия: Captain
Я люблю проводить время: в кино, в театрах, на выставках, в музеях, с друзьями, на прогулках, на природе, дома
Я слушаю музыку: рок, поп, джаз, кантри, разную
Мой характер: честный, скромный, добрый, верный, гибкий, утонченный, общительный, нежный, чувствительный, ласковый, жизнерадостный, оптимистичный, романтический, серьезный, уверенный, целеустремленный, настойчивый, сообразительный, ответственный, рассудительный
Моя любимая кухня: Итальянская, Японская, Китайская
Знания языков: английский, немецкий, испанский, французский, итальянский, другой
Религия: не указано
Расовая принадлежность: европейская
Мое отношение к спиртному: По праздникам
Мое отношение к курению: не указано
Мое отношение к наркотикам: Не признаю вообще
Немного о себе: I AM ONLY INTERESTED IN SERIOUS AND TRUTHFUL INDIVIDUALS, NO SCAMMERS, OR TIME WASTERS PLEASE. It is my belief that in most aspects of life simplicity is at the core of all those elements that have true value and meaning. I consider myself to be a very fortunate man and have lived a very full and fulfilling life that has led me through some amazing experiences that I treasure. I am searching for a woman that will allow me to grow with her, share life and discover what it means to be part of something greater than just me by myself. I also believe that my time, energy, emotions and feelings are precious to me therefore if I am to dedicate myself to a person I want to make sure that this woman is real and interested. I am done with futile relationships that lead nowhere, casual encounters and wastage of my time in pursuing someone who cannot see me for the person I am within. I am a true believer that a man should know himself and be able to love his own inner person before being able to approach others and be part of their lives, in so doing he will make the experience a more pleasant and fulfilling event. Laughter is important to me, being able to enjoy life and share it with someone who can see the positive side of things and enjoy the simple things that he has to offer is crucial. There is much more to be said but here is not the place, hopefully you will want to find out for yourselves. The person I am looking for: Verve, you have to have verve in life, a sense of purpose and adventure, intelligence as well as a deep knowledge of one's self. I am attracted to people who have an outward going personality and are not afraid to take chances in life, a person who is able to look upon a broad horizon has greater chances of embracing the reality which surrounds them and share it with others.IF YOU WISH TO CONTACT ME PLEASE PROVIDE ME WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS.
  Terseo (id=25104)  

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