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  Yana (id=289527)  
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Возраст: 28
Дата регистрации: 25.10.2022
Дата последнего посещения: 26.10.2022
Дата обновления: 25.10.2022
Знак зодиака:
Страна: United States
Город: Malibu
Рост: 5'10" (178
Вес: 150 lbs (68кг)
Цвет глаз: голубые
Цвет волос: светлый
Семейное положение: не замужем/не жен
Дети: нет
Образование: высш
Профессия: Lawyer
Я люблю проводить время: в кино, с друзьями, на прогулках, на природе
Я слушаю музыку:
Мой характер: верный, жизнерадостный, серьезный, спокойн
Моя любимая кухня: Русская, Ра
Знания языков: английский, немецкий, русский
Религия: Христианская
Расовая принадлежность: не указано
Мое отношение к спиртному: Очень
Мое отношение к курению: Я не курю, но не возражаю, когда курят другие
Мое отношение к наркотикам: Не признаю вообще
Немного о себе: Good afternoon, my name is Uliana, I am 26 years old. My friend recommended this site to me. I want to meet and find a man of my destiny, I would like my man to be kind, polite and handsome! I really hope that there are such people on this site, I am getting to know them for the first time. I never had this before. And yet I decided and was going to register here, I also want my man to be well-groomed and look beautiful! I am fond of sports, my favorite pastime is combat sambo. Since childhood, my mother sent me to this lesson. In 2018, for the first time, I went to combat sambo competitions, and took 1st place. My mother and coach were delighted with me. They were proud of me and are still proud of me, also in my free time I try to visit a fitness center. I cook very tasty, I like European cuisine. I love cooking and doing miracles in Ida, it seems to me that my poor man will be lucky with me. After all, since I cook, he will not try anywhere else. I will finish my story about myself, and hope for this site. That I can find someone!
  Yana (id=289527)  

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