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Numerology uses the power of numbers to predict significant life cycles. Determine your personal number by adding the day, month and year of your birth date. Continue adding until you get to a single digit. For example, if your birthday is 4 July 1981, your personal number is 4 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 1 = 30, 3 + 0 = 3 the personal number you'll keep for life. Click on your personal number for your monthly numerology forecast now.

1 What your number means -

Pioneering, creative, energetic; shows leadership qualities; can be selfish and dictatorial

What's in store for you this month -

Even though Ones were born to lead, youre prepared to take a backseat and let someone else steer the crazy-train this March. Put on the brakes or get off or else youll end up overworked, exhausted, and potentially too run down to tackle your most important projects in the coming months. Once in while its healthy to stop, smell the roses, and look inward. The rat race will be waiting for you when you get back. Its an ideal month for a decadent spa holiday if you can find the time. If booking something special at the last minute is impossible, take mini-breaks during the workweek and make the weekends true time off once Friday

afternoon arrives, relaxation is your only required task until Monday morning. Reward yourself with mani-pedis after long days, favour yoga classes with breathing and meditation over hardcore training at the gym, and go easy on yourself. Your pioneering spirit returns full-force in April; by then youll be well rested enough to resume ruling the world.

2- What your number means -

Diplomatic, trustworthy, loyal; can be sensitive and gullible

What's in store for you this month -

Networking is your raison detre this month. Enlist every contact youve got in your arsenal to help you get to the top. Humanitarian efforts pay off especially well; starting a green neighborhood program may seem like quite the task, but you never know whom youll meet at the recycling bin. Business and pleasure ventures are equally valuable this March. In fact, expending effort in one area begets brilliant results in the other. Even if being set up with your colleagues cousin doesnt net a love connection, it could be the professional opportunity youve always dreamed of. Count no one out, make sure your business cards are up to date, and be prepared to meet and greet like you mean it. Your friends are your very best allies this month, so spend as much time as possible in their company. And if someone calls on you for a hand, by all means, extend it. The good karma will pay off exceptionally fast.

3- What your number means -

Communicative, pleasure seeking, generous; can be scatterbrained and impractical

What's in store for you this month -

Career ambitions skyrocket in March. Add fuel to the fire of your job goals at all possible opportunities. You have major support from every resource imaginable; even the ones that you wrote off a long time ago. This is the month during which Threes must turn over rocks and awaken sleeping giants, as you never know which contact is going to get you to the next level. You may be leaving a job, but youre headed toward a true calling. If youre already doing meaningful work, its time to move up the ladder and get the satisfaction (and equivalent salary) you deserve. Of all the months of 2008, this is the one during which seeds must be planted, leads must be followed up and queries must be sent. Dedicate at least a few hours a day to making the requisite calls and sending the emails you know you need to. Update your CV and check out your competition; youre the fiercest number on the market right now.

4-What your number means -

Responsible, reliable, disciplined; can be impatient and overly dominant

What's in store for you this month -

Wanderlust rules you this month. Getting out of town is the first priority. If you simply cant find the time to get on a train or a plane, leave the confines of your mind behind in the company of a fabulous novel or trips to the cinema during the month of March. You must escape the regular workaday routine, and we dont mean that you should confine yourself in your flat and lock out the world. This is all about visiting wide horizons, opening yourself to new vistas and innovative ideas, and most of all, testing your own limits. If youre so busy tending the home fires that you never take time to explore the options beyond your office and family life, take the plunge now. Dedicate a weekend to exploring a city youve never seen. If you cant make it happen in March, booking now for a summer holiday is a fabulous step in the right direction.

5-What your number means -

Magnetic, friendly, passionate; can be indecisive and hyperactive

What's in store for you this month -

Times are changing in drastic ways for feisty Fives. You live for the thrill of pushing life to the edge, so youll revel in this months daredevil adventure options. Just be careful to avoid extreme measures in your personal life that youll later wish you could take back. If you let pride get the better of you, you may do or say things that youll regret in the dramatic heat of the moment. Despite the whirlwind of change, you could still cry boredom and fan flames. Instead, wait and see where the dust settles. This craving for stimulation is all because of an outbreak of late-winter restlessness. Give yourself plenty of alternative outlets to wear out those seemingly inexhaustible energies. Patience is not always your virtue, but you can still cultivate a bit of temperance to see you through this month. Brisk daily walks and regular gym-visits are the right kind of medicine for your excess enthusiasm.

6-What your number means -

Philosophical, intuitive, generous; can be jealous and argumentative

What's in store for you this month -

What goes up must come down. Sixes are inordinately practical, but youve also got a secret indulgent streak, one that you may have abused in February. How far did you take it? Go easy on the extravagance in the next few weeks and consider it a reality check. By mid-month wanderlust strikes, and youre obsessed with jetting off to escape the backlash of last months excesses. For you only the best will do and the best doesnt come cheaply. But dont go away on a whim summer is right around the corner and theres plenty of time to plan. Luckily you work as hard as you play and can fill that empty piggy back up in no time. Things heat up in the romance department in the first half of the month, so be sure to dress for success every chance you get. You never know who you might meet and when. Preparation is your forte and the key to working your magic this March.

7-What your number means -

Sensitive, perceptive, spiritual; can be cold and secretive

What's in store for you this month -

If anyone knows how to bring beauty to life, its the lucky Seven. You practically invented the phrase seventh heaven and this month you live up to your reputation. You need to go beyond the mundane and into the most magical of spheres, so youll be thrilled to know that March is packed full of the good life. In case you havent noticed the intense vibes, youre on the verge of some major excitement in the love and pleasure department. If things have felt dreadfully status quo, know that a slew of surprises and admirers are headed your way. The only catch is choosing the right match rather than going for the first flirtation that crosses your path. Be selective but not wishy-washy, and dont commit until you truly make up your mind. As the month comes to a close, youll not only be sitting pretty and feeling pretty, youll be able to spend with fabulous frivolity.

8-What your number means -

Intelligent, confident, determined; can be intolerant and unforgiving

What's in store for you this month -

Its time to figure out what that monkey on your back is all about. Havent you had enough of being tethered to nonsense? Youre learning about energy vampires the hard way, but now you must learn to say N-O like you mean it. Stop questioning your convictions be crystal clear about what you want and what you dont want. If someone or something is stealing your fire or your time, gently end the association. Then put your invaluable and endless power to proper use by revamping a killer project worthy of your tenacity. Once Eights find their passion, nothing can deter you. But you must search long and hard to find it, rather than committing to something meaningless. Your lesson this month is to find worthy causes that give you a noble enough reason to devote your blood, sweat and tears in that classic, diehard manner let lost causes be lost.

What your number means -

Broad-minded, intuitive, happy-go-lucky; can be selfish and resentful

What's in store for you this month -

Whatever brings a sense of the new is what youre craving this month. No one loves to roam the globe more than a Nine and right now youre on a serious quest for fresh territory upon which to ramble. Its all stemming from a growing need to expand your horizons and challenge yourself all through 2008. What may start out as a mission to tweak your home décor could turn into a search for total transformation in every realm of your life. That goes for wardrobe, relationships, work, and travel. How can you manage so much renovation all at once? Its as if youre shopping for a new duvet one moment and altering the foundation of your life and philosophy the next, but you can handle even the biggest leaps. The more action packed and new, the more you excel. March is a stellar month from any vantage point.


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