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Our international dating service is for singles seeking for friendship, romance, dating, long-term relations and international marriage.
Pay attention to the letters you receive. And especially to the first letter although it usually contains general introductory information, nevertheless it doesnt mean its OK when

~ she even doesnt mention your name ( means she sends the same message to all the others)

~ tells how much she liked your profile but does not mention any concrete facts ( because she never read your ad)

~ says she likes how you look but your ad has no photo or you know its not your best looking picture (once again means very little attention given to your profile)

~ refers to how much you both have in common but if you compare your ads theres nothing of the kind

~ your age difference is over 15 years ( it must be an attempt to seduce you to make use later)

~ she writes nothing about herself but just gives her contact e-mail (most probably sends it out to many)

~ refuses to have even initial correspondence through the website telling how inconvenient it is to her ( tries to just get your personal e-mail or take you away from the website)

~ her ad has no photo and she asks for your e-mail to send you many nice pictures ( just same reason as above)

Some more useful observations:

If a person is real and sincere she would not only speak of romantic things but also of common things and real life. Messages are not necessarily long but personal, sometimes intermingled with the chat or ICQ communication or at least phone talks. Its very common for young people (students included) to have mobile phones, by the way incoming calls are free in Ukraine for over the year time now. If the girl is real and genuine she would not send you only professional photos, but easily agree to send amateur/family pictures as well. By the way, even professionally made photos should not be very explicit or seductive.

And remember most important thing to avoid being hooked by scammers Simply Do Not Send Money!

Never send money, especially for visas and tickets! Go to the woman's country and meet her there (you can make agreement about meeting with several woman living in the city you go to). Do it only if you feel its serious enough. At the same time, try combine your romantic personal plans with some educational and exploring purpose which is to see and know some more about a new country and culture. Thats why set up your trip with the help of your reliable local tour operator which has partner agency in the country you are going to visit. Its also possible to order your tour with the help of the travel company located in the country you wish to come to. In this case spend your time to check that it is big, reliable and well-known travel operator. They must have their own website in the internet with all the names and contact information (including phone/fax numbers, location and postal address), and surely with the description of the tours they offer. Make sure that the agency you choose and contacted by e-mail has their e-mail addresses corresponding to the companys (and websites) name, but never ending in,, etc.
Our international dating service is for singles seeking for friendship, romance, dating, long-term relations and international marriage.

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