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Why Online Dating is Popular

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Elina Joshef
So why has personal online dating become so popular? Many of us, perhaps even you when seeing somebody who was just so attractive and carried themselves in manner that was so confident that every bone in our body almost gave way, when thinking about approaching them to say hi or even if they would like to go for a coffee. You might have sometimes seen a couple or couples, where one of them was extremely attractive but the partner was fairly normal and average or not attractive at all and you wonder, how does that work? Some people are not afraid of rejection, and can easily approach anyone time after time and I guess if you play your odds right, at least 1 out of 10 would be interested in going for a coffee or dinner. But most people cannot overcome being rejected 9 times out of 10 in order to hopefully gain that one opportunity. Its funny because we are all aware that if you dont ask, you will not receive and in this case the same would be true. The more you ask, and more likely your chances of a date will increase but realistically speaking, in reality having enough courage for the average person to ask another person is difficult especially if you are extremely attracted to them. This is why free online dating sites have become so popular with so many people across Canada, America and the European countries.

Asking people to chat and meet is so much easier through online dating, you dont have to be sweaty and all weak in the knees just to have enough courage to press that send button after youve written your interest. Also with online dating sites you can approach many people, 10 or more at least and hence youve increased your chances of connecting, chatting, exchanging pictures and meeting someone. The virtual world is sometimes so much easier to deal with in comparison to the real world. When both of these worlds meld together and we take the step to create a profile on a dating site and then move towards actually taking action and begin contacting individuals that we are interested in to develop a relationship is what makes online dating so powerful. It is fair to say that dating sites are creating a new dating social revolution where relationships are not only being formed at your high school, work or through your network of friends. The whole world is now literally on your desktop or laptop to meet and connect with people.

The online dating social revolution is liberating millions of people across Canada, US, UK and European countries, where proximity and location is now just a mere concern when connecting and chatting with another person. Also, people are feeling liberated because contacting users who they would otherwise not have approached in real life is just a click of a button. Another interesting thing to note is that women can now easily contact men without feeling the negative social pressure or be embarrassed. These are just a few points worth mentioning on why online dating has become so popular and continues to show the potential of increasing and becoming the socially accepted way of meeting someone to develop companionship, friendship or have romance.

Elina Joshef

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