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Yana Antonova (special for
Almost every man at a certain life point comes to the question - how to find and choose of best wife for himself? Marriage is a bond between man and woman, between one family and other, and even between one culture and other. Well, first of all we must agree that the choice really starts with our understanding ourselves, who we are internally, what kind of life we want for ourselves and what kind of family do you want; who your wife should be - a real equal partner or quiet housewife, a professionally successful woman or someone who can help you with your business; a partner to share your plans and discover the world together or a devoted mother ready to raise your children. The most important points about a woman that men usually take into consideration are as following:

- her appearance and manners

- her family background, religion and nationality (or race)

- age , education and profession

- her zodiac sign and temperament type

Though, other important things that you and your potential life partner were looking in the same direction, having the same or at least most close or similar life plans, goals, interests, social and family values. Besides both in a marriage, except for love and care, should be ready to show respect, understanding, tolerance, fidelity and sacrifice.

When you are lucky to find a good wife, she can change your life forever, for the better side. Choosing a wife and marriage is a decision not to be taken lightly, as you should remember that you are going to live with this all of your life. So take the time to do your research, spend time really getting to know this woman of your dream and decide whether or not she really is the one you want to spend your lifetime with.
Yana Antonova (special for

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