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Yana Antonova (special for
Almost every man who ever tried online dating ask themselves - why do women register there, and especially why they look for a husband abroad? First of all online dating, either local or international dating, it gives more opportunities and allows to be active and initiative not only for men but for women as well. In Russia, Ukraine and other post USSR countries there's a stereotype that if a woman has never been married at her late 20ies , she's unlucky and has high chances to become a so-called old-maid or spinster. The situation is similar about divorced women, as very few of them get married again. That's why dating sites offer more chances for those who want and need love, relationship, family, but do not know where to search for it just because their surroundings, work schedule, or other obstacles don't allow them to do that. So now they come and join online dating resourses, do their individual search and choose their match due to the criteria they consider the best; they do not wait any longer, but actively search using all new ways available.

All the same about men who choose online dating as a means to meet a friend, match or life partner. Although many men do the same mistakes if they are engaged in dating online.

Most men judge/choose women by photos. The more glamorous is a photo, the more men it attracts. So profiles with professional photos take attention of 90% of male auditory. And all the rest who post their casual, self made pictures are mostly regarded less interesting. Men absolutely love young girls of model appearance and consider it's normal to contact women 30 years younger then themselves. They don't want to understand that it's against nature, becuase it means they belong to different generations, there are no chances for sincerity and love in this case, only material side. At the same time many men don't consider it necessary to add photos, or keep them up to date, but women also want to see who they talk to, want to see the eyes, face expression and read your intention in your eyes as well. So, it's important for both men and women to have good, up to date photos to attract each others attention, but also it's better to take some time and explain what kind of person and relationship they seek, including the preferred age range, marital starus, children, education and other priorities that are of crucial impact in any relationship.

Besides, all who tray dating on the net, can be divided into two major groups - active and passive members. The first ones try to do their search, initiate contact and acquaintance with the members they like; the second part prefer 'sit and wait' position, and they really have low chances for any relations at all. To have more response one should be active member, send messages and respond in time, reply to winks/greetings (but not endlessly, as it looks like a game). Men, remember that you should be sincere if you want a genunine relationship and help your woman feel that you are a man who will love her and care for her, who will allow her to love in return.

Yana Antonova (special for

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