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One rule that applies to all free dating sites is not all singles portray themselves in an honest light. This dishonesty can range from hiding criminal activities to obscuring their true appearance and personality.

Fake profiles can crop up on dating sites and serve as a front for a sexual predator or an identity thief. Dating sites do their best to locate and remove such profiles. Still, it is important for singles to exercise caution. If anything in the profile makes you feel suspicious or does not sit right, it is best to break off contact with that person and move onto the next profile.

Sometimes dishonesty can be manifest in how some singles choose to portray themselves on their profile. It is not uncommon to encounter a profile where a person posts old photos showing them to be younger and thinner than what they are in real life. Other singles will make enhancements to their profiles by adding inches to their height and dropping pounds from their weight.

The best way to combat such deception is to not believe everything you see or read on a persons profile. There is no way to know if someone is being completely honest about their appearance or their personality unless you actually meet that person face-to-face. But there are strategies you can employ to see if red flags arise before impulsively deciding to arrange a date.

If you are convinced a profile contains no recent photos, politely request for a newer photo. Reluctance to post or share accurate photos is a quick tip-off that particular person is trying to hide something about their appearance from you.

Always ask questions about information contained in a dating profile. The way those questions are answered can offer a ton of insight into the other persons thoughts and motives. If they are inconsistent with what they say, you can safely assume dishonesty and deception are in their bag of tricks and move on to someone else. Using a little common sense can save you potential headaches and heartache.

It is important to never to agree to meet a person from a dating site if something does not feel right. Always take the time to exchange messages and get to know the other person well enough so that you feel safe and comfortable meeting them in a public place for a first date. Singles should never put themselves under any obligation to meet and go out simply because another person decided to start chatting with them.
Dating Sites Review

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