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Derek S. Strong
I used to struggle to attract women. Even though I'm not terrible looking and women would often tell me how great of a person I was, I just never seemed to get the girls I wanted. But now I've figured out some things that I was doing wrong and corrected them. Here are some quick tips for attracting women.

Be Assertive

Being a pushover is the ultimate turn off to women. Have an opinion and always make decisions. Make plans, chose the restaurant, and assert yourself. Women want to be led, not the other way around.

Be Passionate

Be passionate about something in your life. Have a goal and take steps towards achieving it. I have a friend who is struggling artist and is practically broke, but still picks up incredibly beautiful and intelligent women. He has a burning desire to succeed as an artist and women respect his passion. It's more about where you're going, not where you are.

Have A Story

Interesting people are...interesting. Get out and get life experience. When you have varied life experiences the possibilities for conversation are almost limitless.

Play To Women's Emotions

More than anything women want to feel something. Boredom and a monotonous life will just push away. Why do you think women love drama so much? They love the emotions associated with it. Make her feel something other than bored.

Don't Be Desperate

Women (and men) are more attracted to things they can't have or have to work to get. Be selective in your interactions with woman and make them chase you.

Derek S. Strong

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