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Here is a simple but romantic story of love - telling how They finally found each other in spite of different languages and cultures, in spite of thousands miles separating Them… Because this doesn’t matter for real and genuine love, because They knew that is for people who don’t care about the distance.
We wish this love to become stronger every day and stay in Their hearts for lifetime.
Read the story and feel how happy they are. Don’t forget that they found each other at, so you are in the right place as well – your own happiness is waiting for you just a click away, don’t pass it by!
If you are the lucky one, share your experience with others - send stories of your success to and it will be a new chapter in the book of our Success Stories.
Good luck to all!

Erwin and Olga

(married on 25.04.2004), Holland"" Dear team! We'll celebrate our wedding anniversary on April, 25th and would like once more to express our gratitude! We've met on your site 4,5 years ago, we got married on the 25th of April 2004 and for 4 years already we've been happy together! It seem to me now that it could not happen another way and I feel as If I have known him for the whole eternity, that he is my only and beloved person. But that time, 4.5 years ago, when I've put my ad on the site, I was cautious and distrustful. But from the first letter Erwin seemed so sincere that I soon gave him my phone number. Right after the first phone talk I found him to be very polite pleasant young man. He called me twice a week, sometimes shortly in the evening, just to hear my voice and wish me good night. In a month time he came to Lvov. I was excited as for our first meeting in person, but just Erwin recognized me, he smiled to me and I felt easy and comfortable, as I've met an old friend. 5 days we've spent together past so quickly! Then we enjoyed our almost every day phone talks. He came back in a month for 10 days and before his departure he asked my parents for my hand in marriage. There are a beautiful tulips are in blossom on my parents dacha now. Erwin brought bulbs of these tulips from Holland at his first visit. Tulips were blossoming the first time just in time of our wedding and now every spring the beauty of their blossom symbolizes beauty of our relationship, our happiness! We wish everyone to meet their love on the site! Olga and Erwin.

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