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Here is a simple but romantic story of love - telling how They finally found each other in spite of different languages and cultures, in spite of thousands miles separating Them… Because this doesn’t matter for real and genuine love, because They knew that is for people who don’t care about the distance.
We wish this love to become stronger every day and stay in Their hearts for lifetime.
Read the story and feel how happy they are. Don’t forget that they found each other at, so you are in the right place as well – your own happiness is waiting for you just a click away, don’t pass it by!
If you are the lucky one, share your experience with others - send stories of your success to and it will be a new chapter in the book of our Success Stories.
Good luck to all!

Alina and James

When I still was a little girl I had a dream, that as soon as I grow up, I would meet my Real Man – a kind of up-to-date prince on the white horse (or better on white Lada 2009, which was the coolest car when I was a kid). He would be a knight in shining armoire and a real gentleman – all in one, for sure. Years passed, and my school and university studies were in the past. As a young woman I had that natural desire to love and care for someone very close and dear… Sure, I had some dates, all different men, who had some good and some bad points, so none of the relationship lead to the marriage. And I never felt sorry for that because now I know that things were going their natural way. You see Destiny makes people meet in the most unexpected places. So a man of my dreams has been found but it happened neither in the circle of friends nor in the supermarket queue on New Years Eve. He reached me through the global net. I had a profile on the dating website, though I can’t say that I had been bombed with messages from the men who’d be to my liking. But this time it was a mail from absolutely charming young man, that I couldn’t resist my desire to reply him as soon as I could. In a month time our correspondence, sms-sending, chatting made me and James most close people in the world. By the way his nickname on the web was Lonely Knight – you see the sign here? We had the same tastes on literature, cinema, life values, and I liked that a lot. We did not have so-called “language barrier” problem, because yet at school I had a special profound course of English, and it was extremely helpful at time of our correspondence. Later on my English had become better thanks to our regular communication. I must confess that I don’t like summer heat, but that year summer time for me was a magic, because we made plans to meet in summer time. James was ready to meet me in my city of Krasnodar. He arrived in August and we spent most wonderful time together, we felt as if we had known each other for years. We spent ten days on the Black sea coast in Sochi, Russian famous sea resort. For me, who spent my holidays in Sochi many times before, this holiday time was most memorable. When we parted in the airport, I had mixed feelings, it was easy and hard at the same time. It was hard to be far from each other, but we were sure that we’d be together forever. On the last day of our holiday james presented me with a special gift, he gave me a ring that he yet brought with him. And for me it was a proof of his being sure that we would get along perfectly. Later on days passed as before – letter, sms, phone calls, getting ready with the papers to receive K-1 visa, trips to Moscow. Our next meeting took place next year in January, right after our Russian Christmas. But our meeting was really warm, in both senses, because James lived in Fort Lauderdale, not far from Westpalm Beach, state of Florida. It was magic to get into the warmth of summer from our Russian winter, have my darling by my side, it was a feeling of wings behind my shoulders. All these emotions and feelings are hard to express with the help of words. In april 2007 we had our wedding, quite small by Russian measures, but my family arrived to celebrate with us, and I was happy. It’s almost one year since I live in a new place. People here are very friendly and sociable. I finished a special course on Floristic and compose bouquets for special occasions, I like this a lot. But the main thng is that I understand – my childish dream has become reality, by my side there’s the best man in the world – my husband. That’s why we had this desire to tell all those who are in search or who even had some disappointment in his/her search – you should believe in yourself and be yourself. And you will find what you have been looking for. Just don’t let that one special letter pass through, and your happiness will find you! We wish sincerely, may your Destiny find you! James and Alina Harrison "

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