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Here is a simple but romantic story of love - telling how They finally found each other in spite of different languages and cultures, in spite of thousands miles separating Them… Because this doesn’t matter for real and genuine love, because They knew that is for people who don’t care about the distance.
We wish this love to become stronger every day and stay in Their hearts for lifetime.
Read the story and feel how happy they are. Don’t forget that they found each other at, so you are in the right place as well – your own happiness is waiting for you just a click away, don’t pass it by!
If you are the lucky one, share your experience with others - send stories of your success to and it will be a new chapter in the book of our Success Stories.
Good luck to all!

Liliya & Don

Back in July 2005, Don was surfing the internet and on a New Dating competitor’s website he saw a profile of this beautiful woman from Uzbekistan. Don was unsure whether to contact this woman or not but after thinking about it he decided to make an initial contact. To his surprise and amazement the woman replied and so on 17 July 2005 started the romance of the year. It very soon became apparent that Liliya and Don were very compatible in many ways and were soon communicating on Yahoo messenger on a daily basis. Very quickly Don realized that he was falling in love with Liliya but because he was unsure what this much used and much misused word ‘love’ really meant he was reluctant to say this to Liliya. Then one day he thought – yes my feelings are so deep that love must be the only word to describe his feelings – so he said to Liliya that he loved her and Liliya responded by saying that she felt the same about him. So started a long distance love story and as each minute of each hour of every day went by, their feelings grew deeper and deeper for each other. Late August Don decided he had to meet Liliya and told her this – Liliya was so excited about this but was very nervous because of a previous long distance relationship that went very wrong and the man let her down badly. Don applied for and received a tourist visa for Uzbekistan from their embassy in London. At the same time he purchased a return ticket from London to Tashkent from an agent of Uzbekistan Airlines. The date of travel was Friday 23 September 2005. Neither Liliya or Don could quite believe it was actually going to happen but happen it did and on 23 September Don flew to Tashkent and arrived there at 9am on 24 September. Meantime poor Liliya was so nervous yet highly excited at the same time – Don showed her his visa and ticket on cam via Yahoo but still because of past memories was apprehensive. It took a long time for Don to collect his baggage and pass through customs but eventually he was clear and free to proceed into the arrivals hall. As the doors opened he passed through and there standing opposite him was the most beautiful woman in the world – Liliya – Her eyes could not hide her great delight at seeing Don and her smile would have melted the biggest iceberg in the world – they ran towards each other and wrapped their arms around each other – and that dear friends was that – they knew immediately that this was the ‘real thing’ and from that moment on there was no doubt in each others minds that they would be together forever. To cut a long but beautiful story short, Liliya and Don were married in Tashkent on Friday 30 December 2005 at 4pm. When true love arrives, distance is certainly no object and this true love will overcome all obstacles. Good luck for all who search for this 'true love'. Don & Liliya MacLeman 11 January 2006"""

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